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Dale Kerpan is a victim in Dead Rising 2 (Case 1-3: Insecurity) and Dead Rising 2: Off the Record (the Introduction).

Dead Rising 2[]

In Case 1-3: Insecurity Dale is never seen alive, but is found dead in the security office of the Fortune City Arena, having been murdered, along with another guard.

Although never stated, Dale and his co-worker were presumably killed by Amber and Crystal Bailey as they retrieved the tape to give to Rebecca, before destroying the security room equipment to cover up their tracks.

Dead Rising 2: Off the Record[]

In the Introduction, Dale appears properly in the Fortune City Arena after the zombies start killing everyone. He attempts to defend himself with his gun, but is killed.


  • Although he is never seen alive and never given any name in the final version of Dead Rising 2, Dale is in the game files, available only through hacking the game. The name "Dale Kerpan" comes from the hacked survivor's notebook entry, despite the character in-game remaining unnamed.
  • Dale appears to have tattoos on both of his arms.