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Skinny Thug
Actor Hiroyuki Onoue
Erik Valdez (English VA)
Job Bodyguard

Dan is a character in the film Zombrex: Dead Rising Sun who was one of Takahashi's thugs, serving as a minor antagonist.


Dan is one of two thugs who live in the warehouse, along with Dave, Takahashi, and Emily. He serves as one of Takahashi's bodyguards and goons, obeying anything his master says. He and Dave initially find the brothers stumbling around in the warehouse and immediately are hostile, bringing the pair before their master.

He assisted in the robbing and beating of George and Shin. After Shin gave George an opportunity to escape, the thugs and Takahashi proceeded to kill Shin, then go on a hunt for George.

Eventually George came out of hiding, giving the goons an opportunity to ambush the vulnerable cripple. Right as George blacks out from the beating, a car crashes into the warehouse and temporarily knocks out Dan and Takahashi. Later, as they are pursuing Mary, Dan runs off before the zombies can overpower him when he loses his baseball bat to a zombie.

Whether he escaped the warehouse, or was later killed by the zombies is unknown. If he escaped, this would make him the only character in the movie who is not dead or infected.