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Darcie Blackrock is a survivor appearing in Dead Rising 2: Case Zero.

She is found in Bob's Fish 'n Hunt during the mission Above the Law. She is looking for her father, Bob.

Above the Law[]

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Darcie found refuge in her father's hunting store after she twisted her ankle. Chuck finds her after Bob notifies him that he spotted her. Darcie, however, refuses to follow Chuck, claiming that her father is really protective and would want to know that no "funny business" is going on between them. She asks Chuck to bring her father into the store.

Upon reuniting with her father, Darcie hugs him and agrees to accompany Chuck back to the Brockett Gas Station.


  • Darcie shares the same character model as Kalee Timmons from Dead Rising 2.
  • Darcie is 26, the same age as Chuck in Case Zero.
  • Darcie was once the winner of beauty pageant Miss Still Creek County.
  • If Darcie is brought to the gas station by herself, she will say to Chuck: "You saved my life, and I'd love to repay you... While daddy isn't around..."
  • If Bob is brought to the gas station instead of to Darcie, she will not accompany Chuck and cannot be saved, instead insisting that Chuck bring her father to her. Once the timer on the mission ends, she can no longer be talked to, and Chuck will receive the message "Rescue Attempt Failed."
  • If Bob is killed, Darcie and Chuck will engage in the following conversation:
  • Darcie: Did you bring papa?
  • Chuck: I'm sorry, your dad didn't make it.
  • Darcie: Oh no! I guess I'll need a strong man, like you, to take care of me.


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