Darker Gods
Christine Emerie
Location St. Keith's Memorial Grounds
Survivor(s) Christine Emerie
PP 7,500 (Christine Dies)

10,000 (Christine Lives)

"Hey, some very intense looking chick doing some ritual over in the graveyard. Shit."
Jamie Flynt

Darker Gods is a side mission in Dead Rising 3.

This mission can be attempted once Nick wades though the utility sewers and enters the graveyard during Chapter 2.


Nick finds a woman standing on top of a grave at St. Keith's Memorial Grounds. The woman, Christine, appears to be performing some sort of ritual.

Christine believes that the zombies have robbed people of a proper death, and will ask Nick to kill zombies for her while they are standing on top of her 5 sigils scattered throughout the graveyard.

Once the five sigils have been extinguished, return to Christine to finish the quest. She will start a ritual where she plans to sacrifice herself to her god. You can either stop the ritual in order to recruit Christine, or you can observe the ritual, which leads to Christine committing suicide by stabbing herself with a bowie knife.

If you stop the ritual, she will join Nick and become recruitable at the bulletin boards in the safehouses.



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