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Dead Rising: The Survival was an iPhone app game released by GREE in late 2012.[1][2][3] The game was free to play, but charges real money for additional in-game content.[4]

The game closed on January 23, 2013 with the closure of Guts and the in-game shop on January 10, 2013.[5]

Not really similar to any other Dead Rising game, the player can choose between 3 different character types, and gender. They are then placed in command of a survivor camp. The player must go on scavenging missions to find new weapons, get supplies and cure their survivors. Fights are based purely on statistics (in a genre known as Social Card Games). To play the game, players must use Zombrex, combo their weapons and add healthy and powerful survivors to their camp to stand a chance.

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Think you could survive a zombie outbreak? Slay shambling hordes and strategize to survive in this free to play social installment of Capcom's popular Dead Rising series. Pick a character and manage a team of survivors in order to reclaim Pacific View City from the unruly undead! Challenge your friends in pulsating PvP battles or join forces to take on the flesh-eating zombies.


  • Unlock multiple game areas, each with their own resident psycho!
  • Hundreds of Missions to carry out
  • An arsenal of Weapons to collect
  • PvP mode - fight against other players to win supplies
  • Build and enhance Facilities to harvest produce
  • Hire Mercenaries to increase your strength
  • Perform Upgrades to reinforce your Basecamp
  • Win big at the Zombie Casino
  • ...and many more!


Survivors were randomly generated from hundreds of layers that made portraits unique, and a database of several hundred first and last names combined at random based on the sex of the survivor.


To add to your attack strength, Mercenaries could be hired for a limited time.

Mercs included;

  • The Fanboy
  • The Sheriff
  • The Butcher
  • Redneck
  • Athlete
  • Grunt
  • The Prisoner
  • The Detective
  • Thug
  • Freak
  • The Wrestler
  • Coach
  • The Boxer


Dead Rising: The Survival had a few hundred weapons, you never use them directly on zombies as the game was purely social card based. However weapons would accumulate to give the player a higher attack point score. In later builds the game had a "combo shed" where weapons could be combined to make for higher attack points. In the final but unreleased version of the game, you could assign weapons to survivors individually.


Each location in the game had an end of location boss. These bosses would appear 5 times in each area, with the 5th and final time being the final fight for that boss. Each area had a hidden zone if you searched after finishing, which would give you a zombified version of the boss to fight.


  • Neighbourhood
  • Shopping Mall
  • Factory
  • Military Base
  • Luna Park
  • Hospital
  • City Hall
  • Downtown
  • Pacific Highway
  • Train Station
  • Pacific Beach
  • Airport
  • Port
  • Resort Island

Each location had five sub areas, each sub area had its own map, which represented progress through that area.


Ingame shop allowed players to buy Zombrex, and other items.


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