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Dead Rising: Watchtower is a digital feature from Legendary Digital Media that aired on Crackle. The film was produced by Tomas Harlan and Tim Carter. The film was directed by Zach Lipovsky. [1][2]

Filming began on September 30th, 2014 in Vancouver, British Columbia. It was released on Crackle on March 27th, 2015. A sequel, Dead Rising: Endgame, was released in June 2016.[3]


The events of this film take place between the events of Dead Rising 2 and Dead Rising 3. It takes place in the city of East Mission, Oregon. Although not confirmed, the year this movie takes place in is likely 2017, as the Museum of the Americas in Dead Rising 3 states that Zombrex chipping was introduced at that time, like in this movie.  

Set between the events of Dead Rising 2 and Dead Rising 3, the story follows online reporter Chase Carter and his camerawoman Jordan as they cover the stories of the people inside of the walled-in quarantined area in the fictional town of East Mission, Oregon, as the government (running an organization called F.E.Z.A.—Federal Emergency Zombie Authority) attempts to contain a viral outbreak that turns people into ravenous zombies. An anti-viral drug called Zombrex, that keeps the virus at bay, is being administered to those infected. When it becomes clear that the drug is no longer effective and a zombie outbreak purges the town and infects its inhabitants, Chase, Jordan, grieving mother Maggie, and survivor Crystal battle their way out of the city before it gets firebombed. Throughout the film, it is revealed that the Army implanted bad Zombrex in a refugee center to start another outbreak so that the government can be allowed to plant government-mandated Zombrex chip on the infected to track them, framing F.E.Z.A. for giving bad Zombrex to the infected. The coin that Jordan gave to Chase to open a newspaper vending machine at the beginning came in handy when she placed the evidences of the Army sabotaging the Zombrex inside the vending machine for him to find. When General Lyons figures out that Jordan and Norton are aware of the Army's actions, he has his men capture them to cover up the truth. In the end, Chase and Crystal managed to survive and get out of city and Jordan manages to get footage proving the Army's compliance in the new outbreak to Chase, who finds it the newspaper vending machine, but the same footage shows her being taken and probably killed by the military and the U.S. government are allowed to implant tracking chips on people who are infected.



On-set photo of Jesse Metcalfe as a survivor, Chase.



  • Combo Weapons, such as the Sledge Saw, make an appearance in the film.
  • Frank mentions saving kids during the Willamette Incident, despite that not happening anywhere in the game.
  • At one point there is a zombie that wears a yellow and black jacket that looks similar to Chuck 's jacket from the second game.
  • The zombie clown Bonzo might be a reference to Adam , a pyschopath from the first game
  • Despite the events taking place before Dead Rising 3, one of the bikers can be seen playing Dead Rising 3 in their base.
  • The Saw blade battleaxe shown was inspired by ZNA's (Eli).
  • General Lyons has a phone call to Hemlock, one of the antagonists of Dead Rising 3.



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