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In Dead Rising 2: Case West, nine survivors, along with three other important characters and a psychopath, can be found in the Phenotrans Facility. After Frank West's source causes an outbreak in the facility, in order to have Frank and Chuck get around without much clearance problems, the scientists have found themselves in trouble and under attack from the zombies.

Unlike any other Dead Rising game, the survivors do not need to be escorted to a Security Room or Safe House. Instead, they just need to be helped out, whether it is fetching them a weapon, saving them from zombies, or even finding human organs. Afterwards, since they know the facility pretty well, they will evacuate on their own, rendering the Safe status in Chuck's Notebook.

List of Survivors[]

The following is a list of Dead Rising 2: Case West survivors in order of appearance.

Color Description
Green This survivor is alive and maybe savable.
Orange Classified as a psychopath, individuals who have "snapped" due to the zombie outbreak or simply corrupt. They serve as bosses for the game.
Picture Name Description & Notes Location Time
Hernando Arisa A scientist employed by Phenotrans, he was found in the Loading Bay atop some crates, surrounded by zombies. After clearing out the zombies, he asks for his friend, Lisa Hersey, to be found. He then escapes the facility on his own. Loading Bay After completing Case 1-2: Access Codes
Lisa Hersey A scientist employed by Phenotrans, she was found being attacked by zombies in the Living Quarters. At first, Hernando told Frank and Chuck that she was in the cafeteria. Upon arrival, they find a note saying that she fled to the Security Tower. In the tower, they find another note informing that she fled to the Living Quarters. After she is saved, she gives Chuck and Frank a key that connects the Holding Pens to the Living Quarters before fleeing the facility. Recreation Room Immediately after Case 1-2: Access Codes is completed
Alicia Hobbes A scientist employed by Phenotrans, she was found taking refuge in the Zombrex Research Lab. She was pleading for an Electric Prod so she can use it to defend herself from the zombies. Once receiving the weapon, she flees the facility. Zombrex Research Lab After completing Case 1-2: Access Codes
Allie Jack A scientist employed by Phenotrans, she was found taking being attacked on the second level of the Harvesting Room by a dozen zombies. The woman is unarmed and about to be killed until Frank and Chuck are able to save her. She thanks the pair before fleeing the facility. Harvesting Room Day 1, Sept. 29, 6pm
Regina Dee A scientist employed by Phenotrans, she was found being attacked by zombies. Once saved from death, she requests some organs to sell since she is out of a job now due to the outbreak. After receiving a heart and a liver, she flees the facility. Storage Bay After completing Case 2-3: Regroup (Starts Day 1, Sept. 29, 4pm)
Mizuki Tanahara A scientist employed by Phenotrans, he was first seen in the Secure Laboratory working with Isabela Keyes. Sometime later, according to Regina Dee, he suffered from some accident, presumably involving chemicals, causing him to go crazy and flee into the Underground Tunnel. Upon confronting Mizuki, he speaks incoherently while punching Frank and Chuck. After being beaten in defense, he stops attacking and warns them about some chemicals before running off to flee the facility. Underground Tunnel After completing Organ Donor
Robert Staymore A scientist employed by Phenotrans, he was found atop some crates beneath the Security Outpost in the Holding Pens, surrounded by zombies. Once approached by Chuck and Frank, he blames them for the outbreak and requests a Security AR in order to blast his way out of the facility. Once receiving the gun, he flees the overrun facility. Beneath the Security Outpost After Case 2-2: Infiltration completed (Sept. 29, 4pm)
Jerry Sampson A scientist employed by Phenotrans, he was found in the executive room in the Living Quarters looking troubled. He mentions to Frank and Chuck that he was working on a big project concerning a new weapon. He requests a Laser Sword and a Lightning Gun in order to create his epic Laser Gun. After receiving the two weapons, he fuses them into his big project and gives it to Frank and Chuck as a way of saying thanks for helping him with his project before the facility was completely overrun and destroyed. Living Quarters X1 After starting Case 3-1: The Way Out (Starts Day 2, Sept. 30, 1 am)
Dean Templeton A scientist employed by Phenotrans, he was found in the Server Room looking weak and restless. He asks for a pick-me-up drink in order to have the energy to flee the facility before being killed by zombies. After receiving a Energizer Juice, he feels much better and is able to escape the facility. Server Room in the Living Quarters Day 2, Sept. 30, 2am
Isabela Keyes Survivor of the Santa Cabeza coverup and Willamette incident, Isabela has been forced to work for Phenotrans, or be sent to jail, under unknown causes. She reveals that she has been working on a synthetic drug and a cure, and was close to success before her work was stolen. She tries to escape the facility, but is captured by Marian Mallon's security. Before the facility is destroyed, Marian escapes with an unconscious Isabela. North Plaza Day 2, Immediately after Case 4-1: Another Source
Marian Mallon A blonde woman in a power chair with a horrendous bite wound on her cheek, Marian is a famous Bionetics scientist and the Director of the Phenotrans and oversees the Phenotrans Facility. She makes her debut when Frank and Chuck find Isabela Keyes. She takes Isabela away and sends in her personal bodyguard to eliminate Chuck and Frank. It is revealed that she was a victim of an infected attack, but found a cure thanks to Isabela's note, which she stole. However, instead releasing the cure, she continues to make Zombrex from zombies in order to continue making money, deeming humans at fault for the zombie apocalypse. Director's Office, Phenotrans Facility 1am, September 30, 2011
Harjit Singh The personal bodyguard of Marian Mallon, Director of the Phenotrans corporation. He is called in to deal with Frank and Chuck after they break into the Secure Lab to meet up with Isabela Keyes. He smacks Isabela aside, who falls unconscious and proceeds to fight Chuck and Frank, with backup from additional security forces. He is beaten by the pair and killed as he falls into a container containing hyped queens, who sting him to death. Secure Laboratory
Frank West Photojournalist who survived the Willamette incident, he comes to Fortune City to meet up with Rebecca Chang to investigate Phenotrans in one of their facilities, with help of a source. He accompanies Chuck and investigates the facility after learning Rebecca was killed. At the facility, he discovers the true nature behind Zombrex and how it's being made. He later escapes the facility after defeating Harjit and confronting Marian. Willamette, Colorado Day 1, Sept. 19, 2006, 11:27am