Dead Rising Wiki

This is just a basic rundown of the game and may be prone to edits.

Having been playing the game hard since I got it and hopefully what I typically am doing to accomplish my objectives as well as accomplish a few achievements along the way will be of use to everyone else.

Loading Bays[]

After the opening cutscenes, you are dropped right in the middle of a horde of zombies with a few weapons nearby. There is a Bowie Knife in the thick of it; if you can get to it, but otherwise kill every single zombie you can. At the moment, you are not hindered by any sort of time restraint and killing every zombie can potentially net between 40-50 kills. I highly recommend killing all the zombies before opening the container. You will encounter a guard to your left. Kill him then pillage the room.

I would also recommend exploring and busting open containers. If you find a Handgun, see to shooting the four cameras in this area:

  • One in your starting location.
  • One near the Shipping Room door you will be entering soon.
  • One on the other door from the Shipping Room door. (This can be accessed by climbing up onto the box with the Pylon to get onto the roof where you can find a Shotgun and Dynamite in the far corner.)
  • One on the far end of the catwalk.

While exploring, take a picture of the PP Sticker (1/10) on the green container. If you have tutorials on, this will pop up while exploring.

Achievement: Amateur Photography

You can snag an Security AR on the roof of the Red container. You can potentially build two combo weapons before even proceeding even further:

If you're really, lucky you can have some other box drops that can be made but moving on.

After defeating the guards in the Shipping Room, you are given a time restraint and I greatly recommend that you try not to dawdle too much in doing the main scoop; missing one pretty much ends your game, so here are some general tips with regards towards avoidance:


That is all, you can dodge a good deal of grabs and get past large groups. If you can kill your target, that is well and good, but avoidance is good on saving ammo and should be done. Another tip involves security cameras, I am still missing a few locations to provide a definite run down but make sure you check over head after going through some door ways since some will be over your head and you can miss them in a hurry. Do not go out of your way to hunt them down as of yet there is ample time in various places to hunt down cameras if you choose too.

Case 1-1[]

Your first scoop has you running to two terminals to input codes. This task is impeded by more guards, especially if you take the suggested route which takes you across the catwalk. I recommend going to the ground floor of the loading bay and up the ramp into the Storage Bay, where to your immediate right is another PP Sticker (2/10) on the yellow 'Keep it Moving' sign. Going past the storage racks will bring you into the Holding Pens, which have a very dense population of Zombies in the center. By approaching this direction, you should be out of the line of fire for the 3-4 guards in the Security Tower. The Security Tower has the following goodies:

There will be a set of stairs leading to the first terminal and the guards in the tower may not yet notice you. There are also cameras on the three doors to this building. You can find Riot Gear in this security office along with another PP Sticker (3/10) on the Facility Map on the wall. After you're done here, feel free to raze the security tower for some weapons and to take care of four cameras over each door. There is a smattering of cameras in this area alone and there is time enough to hunt them later. For now, locate a queen and snag it as there will be a mass of zombies in front of the door you're heading for.

Research Laboratory[]

Other than the zombies, a few things I will point out in this room one being the camera directly over your head. Anyways, this is a bio disposal area which has a nice PP bonus for activating the pit incinerator. It is good for clearing zombies when you need to get to the tunnel door once you get the key. Once you get the tunnel key, you may find yourself running back here often just to build weapons.

The large thruster object over head is another PP Sticker, but unless you're a good climber and jumper we will get the picture eventually. Camera over the pit and door in this room. Once you clear this room, you will be in the Labs area for now lets go explore the labs shall we.

On the ground floor watch out for those super zombies as you head to the Zombrex Research Lab A. The PP Sticker (4/10) is on the chemical dispenser labeled "G274". Next Head into the Refrigerated Containment Lab which is near the Secure Labs door ( it has red lights on the door for the secure lab ) and snap a picture of the central unit for PP Sticker (5/10) the sticker is on the glass on one side facing a door. Now head to the top of the Refrigerated Containment lab via the stairs near the Secure Lab and locate a vertical cylinder labeled 'Queens Storage' for PP Sticker (6/10), it is the Cylinder in the corner. While you are up here head towards the Maintenance Room and jump up on top of the building where you can see the Gas Container. You will find a Horror magazine which will help greatly in leveling by providing a nice 25% PP bonus.

Head back to ground floor and head in the direction of the arrow, once you reach the catwalk that goes over head, take the stairs up to it and proceed through the door. Round the corner and grab a picture of the Thruster in the center for a PP sticker (7/10), remember this place as you will find a survivor here later. Get back on track with heading to the next terminal; if you happen to come across a Blast Frequency Gun ( dubbed BFG ) grab one and an Electric Prod.

The cafeteria contains a blender and the potential makings for a few mixes, if you're having Zombie issues, feel free to grab a Pie and Orange Juice to make an Untouchable. You can make two since there is a pie on a table and one in the kitchen area. You will come back here later to make a mix for a survivor later in the game.

The Living quarters is the next area and home to a large majority of the games books. I highly recommend getting Hand to Hand from here so that you can improve how quickly you level up since killing better helps. Health 1 as well if you can spare the slot and need the help keeping alive, I would prioritize Health 1 if you're not that great at Hand to Hand. One of the first rooms to you're left is very 'Adult' in nature and has some Gems and a Flashlight; you should immediately grab both and run straight to nearest Maintenance room on the far end of the area near the server room. Combine the Gems and Flashlight to make a Lightning Gun, then combine the BFG and Prod for a Laser Sword. Proceed further to combine these newly made weapons to make the greatest zombie slaying weapon in the game: the Laser Gun. I recommend making this as often as you can. This can insta-kill Security Guards and Zombie Handlers as well as destroy fairly sizable groups of zombies from great distances. True at the moment you have a Scratch Card but this will still be a great boon on your play through. Try and save the shots on this weapon, I know you may be itching to try it out but the density of Zombies in this area is fairly low and shots would go to waste. Feel free to combine the Katana and Sickle for the Reaper. Head next door to the Server Room and find the Terminal. There are also three cameras in this room.

Once you have done the code, head back to the Living Quarters. There are three PP Stickers in this area so lets start ground floor up:

  • Rec Room Zombrex Poster (8/10)
  • Room A8 on the Texas wall decoration (9/10)
  • On the Tiki above room X1 (10/10)

Achievement: Professional Photography

On the second level above the Rec room, you can find the Library with Health 1 and Hand to Hand. In Room A4, you can grab a Science Book, which increases the durability of the Prod and BFG. Having completed you're assigned task, begin your trek back to the Shipping Room. The sooner you get back the better since it will provide ample time for exploring and rescuing your first survivors. Be sure to grab another queen to help save the first survivor after you get out of the Shipping Room from completing the case.

Case 1-2 Completion[]

Loading Bays[]

Once you're done with 1-2, feel free to head back out and go hunting until 2-1 is about ready to start. Upon leaving, you will encounter your first survivor, Hernando Arisa. If you happen to have that queen, I suggest just getting next to him on the crate and busting the jar. Once he is saved he will send you on a quest to find Lisa Hersey, which has three parts so off you go to the Cafeteria. Now have some fun with your Laser Gun. Be sure to use this manually and aim at the densest and farthest group of Zombies you can. Those 20 shots can potential make you 25,000+ in PP and can go greatly towards getting that 1000 Zombies kills well before the game is even half over. It can make short work of Handlers and Guards as well which is great for:

Achievement: Phenotrans Bubble Burster

Achievement: Phenotrans Nuisance

Wow, already 1/3rd of the Achievements under your belt by now potentially.

Follow you're arrow to the first note, which then redirects you back towards the Security Tower. If you need a new Laser Gun, feel free to make another from parts in the Living Quarters and Research Labs. All in all, you can potentially make two Laser Guns from available materials, which is great since the Zombies will have increased in density which means more kills towards Zombie Hunter. Back in the Security Tower, you will find another note directing you back towards the Living Quarters, be sure to grab a Queen to make short work of rescuing Lisa. She gives you your first key, which basically cuts your trip into the Living Quarters a good bit via a Double Door near the Rec Room.

Now, if you still have some time before 3PM, feel free to hunt and slaughter at your leisure. You can pretty much make a small circuit of running into the Research Labs via the Harvesting Room Door to collect some parts and then completing the Laser Gun in the Living Quarters to go directly back into the Holding Pens area without back tracking. Once it reaches 3PM, make you're way back towards the Shipping Room, try and collect an AR Rifle, a Prod, and a Queen. Save these as they will go towards rescues.

Case 2-1[]

If you were waiting in the office at 4PM, the sequences starts and your destination is towards the Research Labs. Leave via the ground floor and head towards the Harvesting Room door. You may encounter Robert Staymore along the way, standing on a container near the Maintenance Room. He needs that AR Rifle to escape so hand it over and head along the way into the Harvesting Room Door. Now you might, MIGHT, see a survivor in a passageway above you, Allie Jack. She is being swarmed by Zombies... if she's there that is. If she is to there, climb the stairs then climb up onto the machines then onto the Machinery with the ServeBot Helm. Grab the wrench and toss it through the window then jump across and bust out the queen. That will save her. Feel free to flow here back into the labs if she happens to be here when you enter.

It is seemingly more common that Alicia Hobbes spawns first, so if Allie is not here then proceed towards your objective, as you get closer you will definitely encounter Alicia in Zombrex Research Lab A. If you happen to have the Prod she needs it's a done deal, if you need one there is a few handlers running around. Try and assemble a Laser Gun Before heading off to complete the Scoop, you got a big fight coming up against a tough foe and the Laser Gun can take them out in 4-5 shoots.

And while you're at it, feel free to make some of the Exclusive Combo Weapons for the achievement. It shouldn't be too hard since most Maintenance Rooms have the parts near at hand or within short walking distance for the newer Combo Weapons.

Achievement: Handy Man

Also take a moment to leave the Research Labs and reenter to try and spawn Allie. If she appears, proceed to rescue her then after you are ready, head towards you're objectives and pick up little health as well. You get to encounter Hazard Units now, heavily armored and armed with an Impact Hammer to boot. They are quite tough and you face two in this introduction fight. If you have a Laser Gun, the fight can be over long before it starts, if not then it's going to be a little bit of a fight. Ranged is you're best bet, especially if you're new to the game and you're health is not as grand as it could be. Focus on defeating one unit, if Frank's already whacking away at one, focus on that one even if he switches targets. Once it's down, grab the Impact Hammer and use it to take down the other unit. Their weapon makes the best weapon against them outside of ranged weapons and combo weapons, it staggers them long enough to hit them again. The Combo version of it is even better and good for clearing your personal space of zombies.

After completing 2-2, head towards the Harvest Room if you have not saved Allie; after saving her, head towards the Storage Bay where you may potentially find Regina Dee in a corner. She sends you on a retrieval quest for a heart and liver, do not worry too much about her, she's in no major danger. If you need to, go kill things and make a circuit of rooms to see if they spawn. I am doing what I can to pin times down but it just seems more Case based. The retrieval is simple and quick to do, and you have time to do a minor side bit while in the Research Lab area other than building a Laser Gun.

Grab a Snack (an actual Snack, not Jellybeans) and head to the Cafeteria. Combine the Snack and a Pie to make a Zombait, then combine those two Cooking Oils for a Randomizer. Combine the Randomizer and Zombait to make an Energizer. This is for another Survivor later in the game, but if you're in a pinch and need to use it use it, just remember to grab a Snack since there is none in the Cafeteria that I have encountered.

After turning in the Heart and Liver, you get the Tunnel Key. This is great since the Tunnel has parts for the Laser Gun just right there. There is also another survivor, Mizuki Tanahara, that has gone crazy and all you need to do to save him is smack him around a little. Just make sure you're health is good since he tends to keep smacking you even if he has been defeated. From the Storage Room, head down the red path to where the maintenance room is. The Tunnel door is on you're right down the stairs, and is a good route to take to make a Laser Gun with little search effort.

You now only have two more people to rescue and the next one you encounter will really kick the Laser Gun to the Max!


Blowing up a generator... meh, simple enough. From the Shipping Room, leave via ground floor and head up into Storage, the Detonator is in the central rack. Head on now to assault the Security Tower and claim the C-4. Now, instead of heading right over to the Living Quarters, lets head on over towards that Tunnel and make the Laser Sword and Lightning Gun. Do not combine these as the next survivor needs them in the base form. Once you have these two parts, head the Living Quarters and look for Jerry Sampson. Jerry will prattle on about a weapon and then tell you what you need to bring him which... you just so happen to have on hand. Hand them over and receive a completed Laser Gun and the Combo Card, this saves Jerry and he runs off. This leaves Dean Templeton, who will spawn in the Server Room in the Living Quarters... however you may need to leave and reenter to get him to appear or you need to destroy generator and then reenter to get him to appear. Hand over the Enegizer and that is your last rescue.

Achievement: Savior

And if you've encountered enough of the Hazard Units...

Achievement: Phenotrans Sabotage


You are now left with only getting into the Secured Labs and if you have been direct and spot on with doing assignments, you should have a mess of time to hunt before your big final fight.

I recommend making at least three or four Laser Guns and manually aiming them during the last fight. Health 1, health items (preferable OJ or a Mix like Untouchable), and potentially Health 2 if you want to really stretch the use of health items. Which if you set Health 2 down by accident it's back up in the Research Observation where you encountered your first two hazard units off from the Holding Pens/Storage Area. If you are pushing it, then since this will be your last opportunity to earn them without another play through...

Achievement: Zombie Hunter

Achievement: Petty Vandal

Once you are done, make sure you go into the fight with time to spare so your not pressed for time.

The fight is a 3 part-er in a way. As you whittle Harjit Singh's health down, (and with a Laser Gun it will fly off), he will call allies to his side, typically a Handler and Guard. He will jump onto an Acetone Cylinder container and cause them to fly like missiles. As his health really gets into the pits he will summon Hazard units.

The boss is a very dangerous close enemy, he punches and hits hard with Impact Hammers. He also does a charge that you can use to your advantage by standing in front of the horizontal glass tubes of gas so he breaks them and begins to cough.

The area has a good number of objects for healing and weapons; make use of what you need mostly for the Guard when he appears since his rifle is of much great use than a chemical vial or melee range weapon. It should not be too difficult once you learn his attack patterns and he should go down easy enough especially with Laser Gun.

Congrats you have completed Dead Rising 2: Case West.

Achievement: Fantastic

And if you really worked hard at maximizing your PP intake then you may have also gotten;

Achievement: Ultimate Power!

And with the help of a friend or by helping a friend you also receive;

Achievement: Double the Fun