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Dead Rising 2: Case Zero achievements are the Xbox 360 achievements you can receive while playing Dead Rising 2: Case Zero. There are 12 achievements worth 200 gamerscore in total.

Xbox 360 AchievementsEdit

Achievement Image Locked Description Unlocked Description Gamerscore G
Still Creek Savior DR2 CZ 01 Still Creek Saviour Save all the survivors in Still Creek. Saved all the survivors in Still Creek. So much work in such a short stay! 20 G
We Ride To Fortune City! DR2 CZ 02 We Ride To Fortune City! Escape Still Creek with Katey. Escaped Still Creek with Katey! But the worst is yet to come... 20 G
Chop Shop DR2 CZ 03 Chop Shop Defeat Jed The Mechanic. Defeated Jed The Mechanic, and put an end to his zombie hunting days. 20 G
Zombie Hunter DR2 CZ 04 Zombie Hunter Kill 100 zombies. Killed 100 zombies. That was just a warmup, right? 10 G
Zombie Exterminator DR2 CZ 05 Zombie Exterminator Kill 1,000 zombies. Killed 1,000 zombies. Where do they keep coming from? 20 G
Small Town, Deep Pockets DR2 CZ 06 Small Town, Deep Pockets Spend $100,000 in the pawnshop. Spent $100,000 in the pawnshop. You just put Dick's kids through college! 20 G
Part Way There DR2 CZ 07 Part Way There Find and Return a bike part. Found and returned a bike part, but it's still not road-worthy... 10 G
Ready to Ride DR2 CZ 08 Ready to Ride Rebuild the bike. Rebuilt the bike. You're quite the handyman! 20 G
A Taste of Things to Come DR2 CZ 09 A Taste of Things to Come Build a combo weapon. Built a combo weapon. Necessity if the father of invention. 20 G
A Bigger Taste... DR2 CZ 010 A bigger taste... Build all available combo weapons. Built all available combo weapons. Now take those combo cards into Dead Rising 2! 20 G
Locksmith DR2 CZ 011 Locksmith Unlock all doors in Still Creek. Unlocked all doors in Still Creek. You are the master of unlocking. 20 G
Clueless No More DR2 CZ 012 Clueless No More Purchase a clue from Dick, the pawnshop owner. Purchased a clue from Dick, the pawnshop owner. He drives a hard bargain. 10 G


  • The description of the achieved "Locksmith" is a reference to the original Resident Evil (also made by Capcom). A character named Barry Burton gives his S.T.A.R.S. team-mate Jill Valentine a set of lockpicks telling her that she should use them because she is the "master of unlocking". This is one of the most famous Resident Evil quotes.
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