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Off the Record Concept Art is an illustration where the main goal is to convey a visual representation of a design, idea, and/or mood for use in Off the Record before it is put into the final product. Other than the Skills Packs, all of the concept art on this page comes from the main menu of Off the Record.

Stacey ForsytheEdit


Stacey in development

Stacey Forsythe also went through different stages in the beta.

Evan MacIntyreEdit

Chuck GreeneEdit

Dead rising 2 Off the Record concept art from main menu art page chuck as psycho (2)

Bald Chuck with slicecycle

Skill packsEdit

Cliff RockfootEdit


Challenge medalsEdit

Weapons and Combo WeaponsEdit

Wrestler and beginning of gameEdit

Pause MenuEdit

End of game Edit

Uranus ZoneEdit

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