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Other than the thousands of zombies that have taken over Fortune City Frank West must deal with various Psychopaths, citizens who have snapped or otherwise developed immoral values. He will encounter them as he searches for Zombrex, rescues survivors and attempts to get to the bottom of the outbreak during cases.

Dead Rising 2: Off the Record Psychopaths[]

Unavoidable Psychopaths[]

Main Psychopaths Description Time
Tyrone King


The bombastic host of Terror Is Reality who is the one who helped and paid Brandon to start the outbreak. Like Stacey, he is on Phenotrans' payroll until his greed becomes his undoing. Case 6-1 (Helicopter), Overtime
The Twins


A pair of twins that serve as bodyguards for TK as well as lovely co-hostesses for the show Terror Is Reality. Case 5-3
Dwight Boykin

Dead Rising 2 Dwight Boykin

Career Military man who thought he'd seen everything - until the zombie outbreak. Shell-shocked and delusional, he shoots everything that moves. Believes that his squad is still alive. Case 7-2
Brandon Whittaker


A CURE member that started the outbreak and has now gone completely insane, He has been trying to 'stop the oppression' and has kidnapped a young woman and is prepared to feed her to a zombie. Case 2-2
Stacey Forsythe

Agent S

Stacey Forsythe is the leader of the Nevada branch of the zombie-rights organization CURE, it's later revealed that she works for Phenotrans and uses CURE as tool for them. She betrays Frank after he found out who caused the outbreak. The Facts

Optional Psychopaths[]

Optional Psychopaths Description Time
Chuck Greene

Crazy Chuck

Chuck Greene has become unstable after losing Katey and has begun to believe that a doll is his daughter. In his unstable and drunk state, he believes that Frank is a Psychopath threatening his daughter. People Like Us
Evan MacIntyre


Evan MacIntyre is an ice-cream salesman and children's entertainer, who attacks Frank after realising he is the same person that killed his brother, Adam. Snow Job
Bibi Love


Bibi Love is an aging pop singer who is clinging to her former glory. After the zombie outbreak in Fortune City causes the last of her fans to flee, she goes insane and captures several people. Using a bomb with a trigger that connects to her microphone, she threatens to blow up her hostages if they try to leave before her show is over. One Hit Wonder
Seymour Redding


Seymour Redding is a security officer who has taken the zombie outbreak in Fortune City as an opportunity to act as de facto sheriff. Using his new-found authority, he executes one survivor after another by hanging. He is seen with a masked captive. WWJWD?
Antoine Thomas


Antoine Thomas is self-described as the king of French cuisine. He was going to be interviewed by a reporter for a high-profile food magazine, but the zombie outbreak in Fortune City destroys his chance at fame. Tastes Like Chicken
Brent Ernst

6 1616

"Slappy", whose real name is Brent Ernst, is the mascot for Kids' Choice Clothing. Brent now stalks the mall looking for someone to fix his "toy".

Everyone Knows Slappy
Randy Tugman


Randy is an obese man in a fetish costume who wields a large chainsaw. He does not want to die a virgin so he kidnaps a bride and his own father and forces his father to marry them. When his father cries for help, Randy accidentally kills him and attempts to kill Frank for ruining his big day. Here Comes the Groom
Ted Smith


Ted is a man intent on keeping his tiger, Snowflake, fed with "fresh meat". Mocked his whole life because of his weight and low intelligence, he considers the tigers he trains to be his only friends. Snowflake Boss Battle


Snowflake is a tiger found in the Yucatan Casino. Her master, Ted feeds her with "fresh meat", since all the other food got spoiled after the outbreak.

She can be tamed after defeating Ted. Feeding her steaks until her health bar is full will make Snowflake friendly, and she can be escorted back to the Safe House.

Snowflake Boss Battle


The Hunters are a group of men armed with sniper rifles, hunting people and zombies for sport. Unlike other psychopaths, (not counting Looters), there is no death video. Militia Men

Denyce's Looter

Looters are scavengers who are taking advantage of the Fortune City outbreak by stealing from various stores and casinos. They are first seen as a trio robbing a supermarket and terrorizing a pharmacist. Although some looters are fightable psychopaths, others are vendors who sell combo weapons at various pawnshops. One Man's Trash
Carl Schliff


Carl Schliff is a mailman that has never failed at his job and plans to keep it that way, even during an outbreak. Frank West spots Carl driving his mailcart, trying to deliver a package of Zombrex to the proper addressee, because he can't continue on his route without the signature but he really hates it when somebody tries to commit mail fraud. Mail Order Zombrex
Reed Wallbeck


Reed Wallbeck and his partner try to regain their status as magicians by cutting a survivor in half and killing her, when Frank sees this he angrilly shouts at them saying "What the hell? That's not magic!" When Reed hears this, he thinks he is criticizing him and thinks that he can do better and then he and Roger attack Frank. World's Most Dangerous Trick
Roger Withers


Roger Withers and his partner try to regain their status as magicians by cutting a survivor in half and killing her, when Frank sees this he shouts at them saying "What the hell? That's not magic!" When Reed hears this, he thinks he is criticizing him and thinks that he can do better and then he and Roger attack Frank. World's Most Dangerous Trick


  • Psychopaths in Off the Record have a damage cap applied to them, which significantly reduces the damage they receive after they have taken a certain amount of damage within a set period of time. In practical terms, psychopaths become damage resistant after the first few hits, and will only become vulnerable again if they are unharmed for a couple seconds. To balance this out, psychopaths have somewhat less total health in Off the Record than they did in Dead Rising 2.
  • Evan MacIntyre is the only psychopath who does not make any kind of appearance in Dead Rising 2.
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