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Each of the DLC Skill Packs cost $1.99 on PSN and Steam and 160 Microsoft Points on XBL.

Like the DLC Skill Packs of the original Dead Rising 2, only one piece of the costume is needed to gain the skills, as such, wearing 1 piece of gear from each of the 4 sets will give you the skills of all four sets! (Although it will appear horribly mismatched if Frank/Chuck is dressed this way.)

The Original Dead Rising 2 Skills Packs (Ninja, Psycho, Soldier of Fortune and Sports Fan) are not compatible with Off the Record. They are however available as unlockable costume items. But unlike the DLC skill packs, all 4 pieces of the set must be worn to get the associated skills. Similar to the Knight Armor and Protoman outfits, all items for a suit are obtained in different ways(i.e. buying the Soldier googles from a pawnshop, or defeating Carl Schliff to get the Psychopath clothes). All the original skill packs may be found in Sandbox mode. This is recommended if one should go for these skill packs, as there are no time constraints nor any particularly difficult psychopaths roaming around.

Cosplay Warrior Skills Pack[]

A costume armor set made of cardboard, looks like somthing a child would design for cosplay.

Cosplay Warrior Skills[]

  • Increases PP Generation by 25%
  • Every attack gives extra PP
  • Special "Warrior" Style attacks when using the Practice Sword and Shield

NOTE: "Holy Arms" and "Infernal Arms", the combo items that are made from the Practice Sword and Shield unfortunately do not seem to work with the warrior style attacks.

  • Monster Facepaint
  • Cardboard Body Armor
  • Cardboard Boots

BBQ Chef Skills Pack[]

Turn Frank into a Backyard BBQ Chef.

BBQ Chef Skills[]

  • Gain more health from grilled food
  • New attacks with Chef Knife and Cleaver
  • Bigger Explosions
  • Deadly attacks with ketchup, mayonnaise and mustard(lights zombies on fire and distracts other zombies)
  • Spoiled food becomes unspoiled when picked up

BBQ Chef Costume[]

  • BBQ Chef Hat
  • BBQ Chef Face
  • BBQ Chef Apron
  • BBQ Chef Sandals

Fireman Skills Pack[]

A full set of firefighter gear complete with a "Fireman's" Moustache.

Fireman Skills[]

  • Immune to Fire Damage
  • Increased speed when carrying or assisting survivors
  • Kick doors open
  • The water gun is stronger
  • New attack and increased durability with Fire Axe

Fireman Costume[]

  • Fireman Helmet
  • Fireman Moustache
  • Fireman Jacket
  • Fireman Boots

Cyborg Skills Pack[]

Makes Frank look like a Cyborg "Terminator".

Cyborg Skills[]

  • Electricity Damage added to regular attacks
  • Increased damage on Melee Attacks
  • Increased damage and electrical effects with electrical appliances

Cyborg Costume[]

  • Cyborg Head
  • Cyborg Face
  • Cyborg Body
  • Cyborg Feet