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The 48 page Dead Rising 2 Artbook is part of the Dead Rising 2 Collector's Edition. Full sized images found here. This page's images are only image links to the images on photobucket.

Interview and concept artwork[]
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Chuck Greene[]
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Combo Weapons[]
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Supporting cast[]
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The evolution of Chuck Greene[]
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Profile: Chuck Reid Smokejumper

Just a typical American Guy. Before the outbreak Chuck Reid was just a typical American family man with a career as a smoke jumper, jumping out of airplanes into the unknown dangers of wild raging forest fires. Obviously not afraid or a stranger to personal challenges and scarifies, Chuck has faced disasters with honor and humility.

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Desperate Times. Widowed Dad

Chuck is challenged by personal disaster everyday. His daughter has the zombie disease, which she contracted from her mother while she was only a baby. A new medical inhibitor called "Zombrex" is on the market but in short supply and extremely expensive. Chucks only goal is to get Zombrex so he can save his daughter from the same fate her mother suffered. Over time, Chuck sells all of his assets and accumulates a large sum of debt. Unable to consistently buy the meds for his daughter, he soon grows desperate and has to find another solution.

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A devils Pact. Reluctant gladiator.

He finds one by making a deal with New Reno's father and mob boss Mr. Marconi. Marconi rebuilt and reestablished the hotel and casino's businesses of New Reno.

He is also the creator if a very dangerous game show called Terror is Reality. Chuck becomes a regular contestant on the show. In return for Chuck's consistent participation, he is supplied with a precious vial of Zombrex to keep his daughter alive.

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Citizens and Psychopaths of Fortune City[]
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Combo Weapon Concepts[]
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Friday Night on the Fortune City Strip[]
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Environmental Concepts[]
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Blue Castle Games Team[]
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