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XBox360 controls[]

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Xbox 360 PS3 PC Control[1]
X button (No Item) Square button (No Item) PC Mouse Left Click.png (No Item) Punch
X button (With Item) Square button (With Item) PC Mouse Left Click.png (With Item) Attack / Eat (Item Dependent)
X button Hold (With Item) Square button Hold (With Item) Hold PC Mouse Left Click.png (With Item) Secondary Attack (Item Dependent)
Ybutton.png Triangle button Q Call Survivor
A button Cross button Space Jump
B button Circle button E Pick up / Use
D-pad left L3 (Click) PC Mouse Wheel Neutral.png Center Camera
Left bumper / Right bumper L1 / R1 1 / 3 Inventory Left / Inventory Right
Left trigger L2 PC Mouse Right Click.png Ranged Mode
Left trigger + Ybutton.png L2 + Triangle button PC Mouse Right Click.png + Q Send Survivor
Left trigger + X button or Left trigger + Right trigger L2 + Square button or L2 + R2 PC Mouse Right Click.png + PC Mouse Left Click.png or PC Mouse Right Click.png + E Throw item / Fire Projectile Weapon
Start button Start button ESC Pause
Back button Select button Tab Map Screen
D-pad up D-pad up 2 Unequip item
D-pad down D-pad down X Drop Current Weapon
D-pad right D-pad right C Answer Calls - Hold to access friends list
D-pad left D-pad left T Check Watch Screen

PS3 controls[]

Controls for the PlayStation 3.[2]

Button Function
Square.png Attack
Triangle.png Command
Circle.png Pickup Item/Weapon/Cancel
Cross.png Jump
R1.png Cycle through inventory of multiple items
L1.png Cycle through inventory of multiple items
R2.png Toss/Fire in aiming mode
L2.png Aiming mode
L3 Dodge Roll (once it is unlocked)
R3 Recenter camera
Start Pause Menu
Select Map
L analog Move Chuck
R analog Rotate Camera
D pad up Unequip Current Item/Weapon
D pad down Drop Item/Weapon
D pad right N/A
D pad left Chuck's Wristwatch (current game time)

PC controls[]

W A S D Movement
Move Mouse Move Camera
Jump Space
E Interact
Left Mouse Button Attack
Q Call Survivor
Right Mouse Button + Q Send Survivor
Right Mouse Button Ranged Mode
1 Inventory Left
3 Inventory Right
Click Wheel Mouse Center Camera
Esc Pause
2 Pocket Item
C Answer Call – Hold to Access friend list
X Drop Item
T Watch
Shake Mouse Grapple Wiggle
W A S D Grapple Button Game
Space then Left Mouse Button Jump Kick
Shift + Space Curb Stomp
Hold Shift + Left Mouse Button Front Kick
CTRL Dodge Roll
Shift + Hold Left Mouse Button Double Leg Drop Kick
Hold Shift + hold Space Foot Sweep
Shift then Left Mouse Button Elbow Drop
Hold Left Mouse Button (No item) Haymaker
Hold Shift + Left Mouse Button (Stand over zombie head) Field Goal
Hold Shift + Hold Left Mouse Button Smash
Hold Shift +E Hands Off
Hold Shift E (Standing over zombies feet) Power Bomb
Hold Shift + Hold E Pick Up
Arrow keys/Mouse Move Selector
Enter / Left Mouse Button Select Item
Esc Exit

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