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For prestige points in Dead Rising, see Dead Rising Prestige Points.

Prestige points, often abbreviated "PP", are experience points that can be earned in Dead Rising 2, Dead Rising 2: Case Zero, Dead Rising 2: Case West, and Dead Rising 2: Off the Record. By earning prestige points, the player is able to level up, unlocking rewards such as upgrades to a player's attributes. Prestige points can earned in various ways, including:

  1. completing missions and cases,
  2. rescuing survivors,
  3. killing zombies and psychopaths,
  4. using combo weapons to kill zombies,
  5. performing certain bonus actions,
  6. using hand-to-hand skills to kill zombies,
  7. playing minigames such as Motion Madness,
  8. taking photographs such as PP stickers (Case West and Off the Record only).

Prestige point gauge and leveling up[]

The PP gauge is located just underneath the player's life bar. It displays the amount of PP the player currently has. As the player gains more prestige points, the gauge fills. When it fills completely, the player's level increases by one.

Level increase benefits[]

A level increase gives the player:

  1. more life,
  2. better attack strength,
  3. more inventory space,
  4. new skills,
  5. increased throwing distance,
  6. faster running speed, and
  7. new combo cards.

Level-up PP requirements[]

In Dead Rising 2: Case Zero, the player can reach up to level 5, and in Dead Rising 2 and Off the Record, the player can reach up to level 50. Below is a list of prestige points required to attain the next level and the cumulative amount of prestige points needed to reach each level.

Level PP required to level up[1] Cumulative PP
1 0 0
2 20,000 20,000
3 20,000 40,000
4 20,000 60,000
5 20,000 80,000
6 30,000 110,000
7 30,000 140,000
8 30,000 170,000
9 30,000 200,000
10 30,000 230,000
11 50,000 280,000
12 50,000 330,000
13 50,000 380,000
14 50,000 430,000
15 50,000 480,000
16 70,000 550,000
17 70,000 620,000
18 70,000 690,000
19 70,000 760,000
20 70,000 830,000
21 90,000 920,000
22 90,000 1,010,000
23 90,000 1,100,000
24 90,000 1,190,000
25 90,000 1,280,000
26 100,000 1,380,000
27 100,000 1,480,000
28 100,000 1,580,000
29 100,000 1,680,000
30 100,000 1,780,000
31 130,000 1,910,000
32 130,000 2,040,000
33 130,000 2,170,000
34 130,000 2,300,000
35 130,000 2,430,000
36 150,000 2,580,000
37 150,000 2,730,000
38 150,000 2,880,000
39 150,000 3,030,000
40 150,000 3,180,000
41 170,000 3,350,000
42 170,000 3,520,000
43 170,000 3,690,000
44 170,000 3,860,000
45 170,000 4,030,000
46 180,000 4,210,000
47 180,000 4,390,000
48 180,000 4,570,000
49 180,000 4,750,000
50 250,000 5,000,000

Attribute reward chart[]

The following chart shows how many of each attribute upgrade will occur within a given level range. The order in which upgrades are awarded in each range is randomized.

Level range Health Inventory Attack Throw Speed
1-10 2x 2x 1x 1x 1x
11-20 2x 1x 1x 1x -
21-30 1x 2x 1x 1x 1x
31-40 2x 1x 2x 1x 1x
41-50 1x 2x 1x - -

Skill reward list[]

The levels at which a player learns a new skill is randomized; however, the player will always earn them in the following order:

  1. Back Drop
  2. Jump Kick
  3. DDT
  4. Curb Stomp
  5. Front Kick
  6. Dodge Roll
  7. Double Leg Drop Kick
  8. Foot Sweep
  9. Elbow Drop
  10. Haymaker
  11. Field Goal
  12. Smash
  13. Hands Off
  14. Power Bomb
  15. Pick Up

Combo card reward list[]

Similar to how skills are awarded, levels at which a player earns a new combo card is randomized and they will always be received in the same order. Below is a list of combo cards earned by leveling up, in order, for both Dead Rising 2 and Dead Rising 2: Off the Record:

Dead Rising 2[]

  1. Drill Bucket
  2. I.E.D.
  3. Molotov
  4. Pole Weapon
  5. Air Horn
  6. Gem Blower
  7. Fountain Lizard
  8. Hacker
  9. Ripper
  10. Electric Chair
  11. Flaming Gloves
  12. Heliblade
  13. Fire Spitter
  14. Beer Hat
  15. Sticky Bomb
  16. Driller
  17. Defiler
  18. Hail Mary
  19. Freezer Bomb
  20. Knife Gloves
  21. Roaring Thunder
  22. Super Slicer
  23. Handy Chipper
  24. Dynameat
  25. Electric Rake
  26. Parablower
  27. Boomstick
  28. Auger
  29. Infernal Arms
  30. Porta Mower
  31. Super B.F.G.
  32. Tesla Ball
  33. Spear Launcher
  34. Blitzkrieg

Off the Record[]

  1. Drill Bucket
  2. I.E.D.
  3. Pole Weapon
  4. Air Horn
  5. Weed Tendonizer
  6. Bouncing Beauty
  7. Gem Blower
  8. Electric Chair
  9. Blitzkrieg
  10. Ripper
  11. Cryo Pod
  12. Dynameat
  13. Heliblade
  14. Fire Spitter
  15. Sticky Bomb
  16. Pegasus
  17. Defiler
  18. Hail Mary
  19. Electric Crusher
  20. Shocker
  21. Knife Gloves
  22. Roaring Thunder
  23. Super Slicer
  24. Spear Launcher
  25. Handy Chipper
  26. Tesla Ball
  27. Parablower
  28. Flaming Gloves
  29. Infernal Arms
  30. Super B.F.G.
  31. Porta Mower
  32. Driller
  33. Lightning Gun
  34. Auger
  35. Laser Gun

Chuck's current status[]

To check on Chuck's current level, skills available, and prestige points, pause the game by pressing Start button/Start button and select status from the pause menu.

Quickly gain prestige points[]

Case Zero[]

In Case Zero, once the Mechanic Jed Wright is defeated, Chuck receives the Boomstick combo card and the corresponding heavy attack.

The quickest way to increase Chuck's level is with the Boomstick's heavy attack, which stabs and lifts zombies into the air. It yields 2,500 prestige points per kill, so perform the heavy attack often to earn lots of prestige points in a short time. The player can keep remaking the weapon at a maintenance table.[2] In comparison, having a Case Zero survivor join the player's party is only worth up to 2,000 prestige points and successfully escorting a survivor is worth up to a maximum of 3,500 prestige points.

Prestige points for rescuing survivors[]

As the player progresses, the prestige point amount for each survivor increases.

Case Zero[]

Photo Survivor Join bonus Escort bonus Total
Dead rising dick.png Dick Jones N/A N/A N/A
Dead rising fausto.png Fausto Vargas 1,000 3,000 4,000
Dead rising gemini.png Gemini Vargas 1,000 3,000 4,000
Dead rising nikki.png Nikki Valentino 1,000 3,000 4,000
Dead rising tia.png Tia Hernandaz 1,000 3,000 4,000
Dead rising sharon.png Sharon Riesinger 1,500 3,500 5,000
Dead rising jason.png Jason Wong 1,500 3,500 5,000
Dead rising archie.png Archie Eaton 1,500 3,500 5,000
Dead rising bob.png Bob Blackrock 1,500 3,500 5,000
Dead rising darcie.png Darcie Blackrock 2,000 3,500 5,500

Dead Rising 2[]

Special prestige point bonuses[]

See also: Minigames
Bonus name Description Store PP bonus Repeatable PP Total
Dead rising The man's sport dummy.png
Dummy Punched Bonus! Destroy a punching dummy. Chuck must punch the dummies either bare handed or with boxing gloves or MMA gloves; other types of weapons will not work. Location icon.png 3 in Royal Flush Plaza - The Man's Sport

Location icon.png 4 in Palisades Mall - Flexin'

1,000 7 (once each) 7,000
xx All Dummies Bonus! Destroy all seven dummies 10,000 No
Dead rising 2 presitge points neon fish (2).jpg Neon Fish Destroyed Bonus! Shot the 6 neon fish lights in Atlantica Casino - near the Palisades Mall entrance Atlantica Casino 1,000 6 fish total 6,000
Dead rising NeonFish.png All Neon Fish Bonus! Shot all 6 neon fish Atlantica Casino 10,000 No
Dead rising 2 minigame (9).jpg Treadmill Bonus! Run on one of the treadmills Location icon.png Palisades Mall - Flexin' 1,000 6,000
Dead rising Flexin PP treadmill.jpg All Treadmills Bonus! Run all of the six treadmills Location icon.png Palisades Mall - Flexin' 10,000
Display Rack Spun Bonus! 3 racks in Palisades Mall - KokoNutz Sports Town

3 racks in Royal Flush Plaza Sportrance

1,000 Yes 6,000
All Display Racks Bonus! Spin all 6 racks 10,000
Dead rising fortune city arena SPRAY PAINTING ZOMBREX POSTER.jpg Poster Sprayed Bonus! Spray a Zombrex Poster. See page for all locations. 1,000 Yes (each poster) 33,000
Dead rising Zombrex Posters all 33 sprayed bonus 300000.png All Posters Bonus! Spray all 33 Zombrex posters. 300,000 Yes (each poster)
Dead rising 2 minigame (8).jpg Exercise Bike Bonus! Pedal one of the exercise bikes. Press the (B)

button to use and press the (A) button rapidly to ride it until bonus.


In the PC game file items.txt, this minigame is called the "FitnessBike" (Fitness Bike).

Location icon.png Flexin' 1,000 Yes 5,000
All Exercise Bikes Bonus! Pedal all six exercise bikes Location icon.png Flexin' 10,000 No
Dead rising Bazooka Bad Boyz.jpg Movie Watched Bonus! On the Platinum Strip is a the movie theater Paradise Platinum Screens with one door Chuck can enter and watch a bad movie. The movies can only be watched at certain times that you can see listed on the marquee. See Paradise Platinum Screens for showtimes. Chuck loses one and a half hours when you watch the movie. 2,000 Yes (once each movie) 10,000
Dead rising all movies watched bonus 10000.jpg All Movies Bonus! Watch all 5 movies 10,000 No
Dead rising 2 minigame (2).jpg Time Share Bonus! Watch the Time Share Video from 12:00-01:30 am. 10,000 No
Dead rising Standee.png Standee Used Bonus! Use the Standee in front of the Fortune City Arena Location icon.png Fortune Park - next toTIR Souvenir Kiosk 1,000 No
Dead rising 2 minigame (5).jpg Peeping Tom Bonus! Pay $1,000 to view a peepshow Location icon.png Peep Hole 1,000 Yes - 3 times total 3,000
All Peep Shows Bonus! Watch the peep show three times. 10,000 No
Aversion Bonus! ??
Dead rising gifts for katey bonus 15000.jpg All Gifts Given Bonus! See Gifts for Katey
Dead rising 2 minigame (3).jpg Use Slide Bonus! Location icon.png Palisades Mall grotto 10,000 No
Dead rising case 0 mommas diner pan warming.png Stove Used Bonus! Heat up a Pan on a Stove See Pan#Stove locations 1,000 Yes (once each stove) 20,000
All Stoves Used Bonus! Use all stoves 10,000 No
StripPoker.jpg Strip Poker Elimination Bonus! Strip eliminate a survivor in the mission Ante Up. Location icon.png Safe House 5,000 Yes 25,000
All Stripped Bonus!!! Strip eliminate all 5 survivors in the mission Ante Up. Location icon.png Safe House 10,000 No
Dead rising 2 minigame (14).jpg Test Of Strength Bonus! See Minigames Location icon.png The Man's Sport 5,000 No
Dead rising Flaming Craps.png Craps Table Bonus! See Minigames Roll a seven on the Giant Dice at 'Flamin' Craps' Location icon.png Royal Flush Plaza 10,000 No
Dead rising Wheel of Destiny.png Giant Wheel Bonus! See Minigames
Dead rising Ride the Thunder 3.png Bull Ride Bonus! See Minigames
Dead rising Ride the Waves 4.png
Dolphin Bonus! See Minigames Win the "Ride the Waves"
Dead rising Motion Madness.png Motion Madness Bonus! See Minigames
Virtual Golf Bonus! See Minigames Location icon.png SporTrance
Dead rising Fortune Whisperer.png Fortune Whisperer Bonus! See Minigames
Fire Pit Bonus See Minigames
Dead rising Money to Burn.png Pyromaniac Bonus! See Minigames Location icon.png Yucatan Casino fire pit
Stupidity Bonus! See Minigames Location icon.png Yucatan Casino fire pot
Environment Bonus! See Minigames Varies

Gifts for Katey[]

Chuck can bring Katey certain items as gifts for prestige points. There are a total of 11 gifts that Chuck can give to Katey. The first gift will merit the "Father of the Month" achievement and giving all 11 will merit the "Father of the Year" achievement.

Prestige point load screen hints[]

Prestige Point load screen hints from Off the Record.[3]

There are no load screen Prestige Points in the Fortune City Arena, the Safe House or Atlantica Casino.

Location Hint Description PP Bonus

Americana PP Hint It's bull that you can get PP for free! Ride the bull in Ride the Thunder. See minigames.
Americana PP Hint Silence the chattering cyclopes. Shoot all the televisions at the bar in the center of the casino 250 PP each for each small television

500 PP each for each big television[Verification needed]

Americana PP Hint Bring down the Zombrex machine! Spray paint all of the Zombrex Posters 1,000 PP
Americana PP Hint It's time to break the bank, Vegas style. Hit slot machines with the Baseball Bat 250 PP for hitting the slot machines: Cash Diet, killer Black Jack, Reel It In, Lucky Lapdance, Sugar Daddy, Trouble with Turkeys, Barnyard Bonanza[4]
Americana PP Hint Things are starting to heat up, frying pans that is. Heat a frying pan on a stove. See Special Prestige Point Bonuses

Food Court PP Hint Things are starting to heat up, frying pans that is. Heat a frying pan on a stove. See Special Prestige Point Bonuses
Food Court PP I could really go for a Taco Platter... Eat five tacos in Rojo Diablo Mexican Restaurant. 1000 - 5 times[5]
Food Court PP Hint We call it "Music Mis-appreciation." Break up to six Acoustic Guitar in the Food Court, just to the point the have a hole in the back of them. The player does not have to break them completely. 1000 PP - 6 times[6]
Fortune Exterior PP Hint Mmm... garbage Hamburger. Eat a Spoiled Hamburger from the trash can outside. 1000 PP - 5 times[7]
Fortune Exterior PP Hint Massage that ball! Hit the bingo ball cage in One Little Duck Bingo with a massager. 1000 PP - once[8]
Fortune Exterior PP Hint 2x4 x Bank Machine = PP! Hit any ATM in Silver Strip, Fortune Park or Platinum Strip areas with a 2" x 4". 1000 PP - 4 times.[9]
Fortune Exterior PP Hint Beer and chips... mmmm.[10] Involves vending machine and keg. 1000 PP - once
Fortune Exterior PP Hint NONE In Silver Strip, Fortune Park or Platinum Strip - Slot machines - Sugar Daddy, Barnyard Bonanza, Killer Blackjack. 250 PP - each once[11]

Palisades PP Hint Bring down the Zombrex machine! Spray paint all of the Zombrex Posters 1,000 PP
Palisades PP Hint Only a dummy would box without gloves. Destroy a dummy with hand to hand combat. See Special Prestige Point Bonuses
Palisades PP Hint Take a slide back to your childhood. Use the slide in the Palisades Mall Grotto See Special Prestige Point Bonuses
Palisades PP Hint Vikings never could have nice things. Break up to 5 Small Vases with a Battle Axe 1000 PP - 5 times[12]
Palisades PP Hint It's a cardio work out that is good for both your heart and your PP. In Flexin' use the excercise bikes. See Special Prestige Point Bonuses

Royal Flush PP Hint Bring down the Zombrex machine! Spray paint the Zombrex Posters 1,000 PP
Royal Flush PP Hint Caffeine is always worth a good buzz. Drink up to seven coffees. Several are found in the The Dark Bean. 1000 PP - 7 coffees[13]
Royal Flush PP Hint Smashy smashy, with a brick! Break Cardboard Boxes with a brick. 1000 PP - 5 times[14]
Slot Ranch PP Hint Grabbing all the cash is sure to be worth something. Minigame Cash Me If You Can in which the player grabs as much cash as they can in a box. See minigames.
Slot Ranch PP Hint It's time to drink like it's a cold Russian winter. Drink a bottles of Vodka in the Slot Ranch Casino or Food Court. One is behind the counter on the left side of the bar. 1000 PP - once[15]
Uranus Zone PP Hint You're midway to some more PP. Play the Midway Gallery games. See Midway Gallery
Uranus Zone PP Hint What makes an amusement park, amusing? Hot dogs? Eat two hot dogs 1000 PP - two times[16]
Uranus Zone PP Hint Where do Mole Men live? In Uranus! In the Molemen from Uranus minigame, hit the Molemen with a Sledge Hammer or Space Hammer. 500 PP + 1,500 Environmental Bonus[17]

45 PP - Space Hammer[18]

Uranus Zone PP Hint Invasions, they come from above. Involves Alien Head. 1000 PP - 5 times[19]

Yucatan PP Hint Good things come to those with money to burn. Money to Burn minigame See minigames
Yucatan PP Hint Bring down the Zombrex machine! Spray paint all of the Zombrex Posters 1,000 PP
Yucatan PP Hint Slice your way through the Yucatan's neon jungle. Slice certain slot machines with a Machete 250 PP - each once: Doctor Cash, Kings Crown, Lucky Lapdance, Megaman, Sugar Daddy, Trouble Turkeys, Video Poker Draw[20]
Yucatan PP Hint Things are starting to heat up, frying pans that is. Heat a frying pan on a stove. For locations, see Pan See Special Prestige Point Bonuses
Yucatan PP Hint Tame the jungle heart. Tame Snowflake See Snowflake Boss Battle

NONE Knock over bowling pins with a bowling ball 1,000 PP - up to ten times[21]
NONE Donkey Lamp, Football and Novelty Cell Phone 100 PP[22][23][24]
NONE Bow and Arrow and Novelty Poker Chip 5 PP[25]
NONE Paint Can and Cardboard Cutout - including Cardboard Cutout - Frank West and Cardboard Cutout - Chuck Greene 25 PP[26]
NONE TIR Baseball Bat, regular Baseball Bat and Sports Car 100 PP[27]
NONE Bass Guitar and Amplifier 10 PP[28]

Sticker locations in Off the Record[]


  • In Dead Rising 2: Case Zero, even after reaching level 5, the prestige points bar will continue to fill again as normal until the player reaches 110,000 PP, though nothing in particular happens at that point, as the player can only reach level 6 and beyond in the full version of Dead Rising 2.


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