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Mixed drinks in Dead Rising 3.

In Dead Rising 3, Nick Ramos can create a mixed drink from two foods. Unlike Dead Rising and Dead Rising 2, Nick does not need a blender to create a mixed drink.

Combine two food items and Nick will get a special type of juice back.

There are xxx varieties of Juices, and each has a "special" or "power-up" effect on Nick. These effects range from useful effects such as making Nick temporarily invincible to oddball abilities, such as allowing Nick to spit fire (Spitfire). All of these Juices restore xxx health in addition to providing certain effects.

  • Randomizer: Randomly grants you the effect from another combo food, or makes you sick.
  • Quick Step: Unlimited sprint stamina for a short time.
  • Repulse: Become undetectable to zombies for a short time.
  • Energizer: Be invulnerable for a short time.
  • Pain Killer: Be more resistant to attacks for a short time.
  • Zombait: Nearby zombies are really attracted to you for a short time.
  • Nectar: Queen bee is spawned nearby.
  • Spitfire: Breath fire for a short time. Hold MOUSE3 to aim, press T to fire, or hold Left Trigger to aim and Right Trigger to Fire.
  • Untouchable: Zombies are unable to grab you for a short time.
  • Regen: Regenerate health for a short time.
Food Combo Recipes
Ingredient 1 Ingredient 2 Result
Vegetable Medicine Randomizer
Meat Fruit Randomizer
Meat Drink Randomizer
Wheat Drink Randomizer
Wheat Fruit Randomizer
Candy Vegetable Randomizer
Wheat Medicine Randomizer
Candy Candy Quick Step
Candy Fruit Quick Step
Candy Drink Quick Step
Candy Alcohol Quick Step
Wheat Wheat Repulse
Wheat Alcohol Repulse
Candy Wheat Repulse
Drink Drink Energizer
Drink Alcohol Energizer
Drink Medicine Energizer
Candy Medicine Pain Killer
Alcohol Medicine Pain Killer
Medicine Medicine Pain Killer
Meat Meat Zombait
Candy Meat Zombait
Meat Wheat Zombait
Fruit Fruit Nectar
Fruit Drink Nectar
Fruit Alcohol Nectar
Meat Alcohol Spitfire
Vegetable Alcohol Spitfire
Alcohol Alcohol Spitfire
Vegetable Drink Untouchable
Vegetable Wheat Untouchable
Vegetable Vegetable Untouchable
Meat Vegetable Regen
Fruit Medicine Regen
Meat Medicine Regen
Vegetable Fruit Regen
Combo Food Recipes Matrix
Alcohol Candy Drink Fruit Meat Medicine Vegetable Wheat
Alcohol Spitfire Q. Step Energizer Nectar Spitfire P. Killer Spitfire Repulse
Candy Q. Step Q. Step Q. Step Q. Step Zombait P. Killer Random Repulse
Drink Energizer Q. Step Energizer Nectar Random Energizer Untouch Random
Fruit Nectar Zombait Nectar Nectar Random Regen Regen Random
Meat Spitfire P. Killer Random Random Zombait Regen Regen Zombait
Medicine P. Killer Random Energizer Regen Regen P. Killer Random Random
Vegetable Spitfire Random Untouch Regen Regen Random Untouch Untouch
Wheat Repulse Repulse Random Random Zombait Random Untouch Repulse

Abbreviated Quick Step as Q. Step, Pain Killer as P. Killer, Untouchable as Untouch and Randomizer as Random, because the Matrix would otherwise not fit.

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