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This timeline tracks the times and dates of important events and other happenings during the Los Perdidos Incident in Dead Rising 3.[1]

March 23Edit

  • 7:14 AM Initial report of a single zombie infection.
  • 6 hours postoutbreak: Zombification incidents reach 500. Downtown quarantined.
  • 12 hours postoutbreak: City declared disaster zone: evacuation begins.

March 24Edit

  • 24 hours postoutbreak: Targeted airstrikes commence.
  • 36 hours postoutbreak: Army barricades all city exits. Shoot-to-kill orders issued for all escapees.

March 25Edit

  • 48 hours postoutbreak: Contact lost with remaining emergency personal inside Los Perdidos.
  • 60 hours postoutbreak: Rumors of survivors alive within the city remain unconfirmed.

March 26Edit

  • 72 hours postoutbreak: Dead Rising 3 begins.


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