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For Dead Rising 2, see Dead Rising 2 Beta
See also Dead Rising 2 Artbook and Dead Rising 2: Off the Record Concept Art

The Dead Rising Beta version is the version of Dead Rising before it was officially released. The following in information that is known about Dead Rising Beta:


Dead rising beta video chucks appearance.jpg
Frank West artwork.jpg

Isabela beta 2.jpg
  • Isabela Keyes is armed with a Barret M82 sniper rifle shooting at zombies in the Entrance Plaza.[2]

Dead rising beta Jessie.png
Dead rising beta Jessie (2).png
Dead rising beta Jessie (3).png
  • Jessie McCarney can be seen running through the Maintenance Tunnels, presumably being chased by zombies. Then the video shows a bloody and possibly dying Jessie sitting against a wall as Frank takes a picture of her.[2]

Beta Natalie & Jeff.jpg

Dead rising beta blonde survivor youtube HpITTFEawu0&.jpg

  • The life bar was gray instead of yellow and psychopaths had their health displayed on the bottom of the screen instead of above their heads.[Verification needed]


  • In the trailer, the mall entrance doors automatically open at 10 am, allowing the zombies into Entrance Plaza.[2]
Rachel beta.png
Alan beta.png

Above the Law beta.jpg

An older model of Sophie
  • Sophie has a different appearance.

Dead-rising-beta zombies on rooftop.jpg


Trailer 1: This video is a beta trailer from 2005, pre-game release.

DEAD RISING (Working Title)

"Day one, the day I came here was the worst day of my life. I'll admit it, it was a big mistake. I'm a wartime photo journalist, I've seen it all, horror, famine, death - the real stuff of nightmares. At least, that's what I thought. That was until I saw a corpse, get up, walk, and kill. You probably think I'm nuts. The dead getting up and walking? Zombies? I'm not nuts though. Right now, if things go well, I may get my hands on a pulitzer or something. Its not like you hear about too many zombie stories in the news these days.

So I guess there are only two things left to do. Film everything I can, and survive until help arrives."

The song that plays after Frank stops talking is Cletus Samson's theme.


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