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For Dead Rising 2 see Dead Rising 2 Controls

To make Frank have nothing in his hands, press D-pad up.

Xbox 360 Control[1]
X button (No Item) Punch
X button (With Item) Attack / Eat (Item Dependent)
X button Hold (With Item) Secondary Attack (Item Dependent)
Ybutton Call Survivor
A button Jump
B button Pick up / Use
D-pad left Center Camera
Left bumper / Right bumper Inventory Left / Inventory Right
Left trigger Ranged Mode
Left trigger + Ybutton Send Survivor
Left trigger + X button or Left trigger + Right trigger Throw item / Fire Projectile Weapon
Start button Pause
Back button Map Screen
D-pad up Unequip item
D-pad down Drop Current Weapon
D-pad right Answer Calls - Hold to access friends list
D-pad left Check Watch Screen


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