Below is a list of game modes in Dead Rising.

Game ModesEdit

72-Hour ModeEdit

Dead Rising's main story.

Overtime Mode (Dead Rising)Edit

Overtime mode is a continuation of 72 Hour Mode, and is where Brock is fought. He first appears in the tank.

Frank West is infected and needs certain ingredients to heal him, including ten parasites that create zombies by infecting humans. Isabella aids him in his healing, which also requires a blender and several other household items.

To unlock this, get ENDING A on 72 Hour Mode

Infinity ModeEdit

In Infinity mode, Frank is in the same place, with all the same people, but they are all hostile. Frank's health drops by one block every 100 seconds, requiring a lot of food, which is scarce. The psychopaths are not where one would normally find them and there are still zombies.

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