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Throughout Dead Rising, Frank will encounter psychopaths - people who have failed to cope with the circumstances of the zombie outbreak and are hostile toward any other survivors they meet. Often, they have taken hostages and will attempt to kill them if not stopped.

While "psychopath" is used as an umbrella term for all the game's bosses, and many have entirely lost their grip on reality, such as Cliff and Steven, not all of them are as unhinged as others. Some are simply taking advantage of the situation in order to act on their sadistic desires, like Jo Slade and the convicts, while others are consumed by paranoia, such as Cletus Samson. Brock Mason in particular is completely aware of his circumstances, and nonetheless carries out his orders with no regard for human life.

List of psychopaths[]

The list below is in chronological order, more or less.

Characters named in italics are mandatory to defeat in order to complete the game.

Name Description Location Time Scoop
PP reward
Carlito Keyes Dead rising carlito The perpetrator of the Willamette Incident, responsible for the zombie outbreak resulting in the deaths of some 50,000 innocent people. He must be stopped before he can carry out his ultimate plan. Food Court

Location icon Entrance Plaza

Location icon Maintenance Tunnels

Day 1, Immediately after Case 1-1: A Dangerous Encounter
Day 2, Immediately after Case 2-1: Image in the Monitor
Day 3, Immediately after Case 7-1: The Last Resort

Case 1-2: Backup for Brad
Case 2-2: Rescue the Professor
Case 7-2: Bomb Collector

20,000, 30,000, 50,000

Kent Swanson Dead rising kent icon Mischievous and vain, he proposes several challenges to Frank in the hopes of proving himself the superior photographer. His envy leads him to capture and kill an innocent man if he is not stopped in time. Paradise Plaza

Cut From the Same Cloth
Photo Challenge
Photographer's Pride

??, ??, 30,000

Cletus Samson Dead rising cletus A gun store owner with severe trust issues, he turns his massive stockpile of weapons and ammunition on anyone who attempts to contact him. Huntin' Shack Day 1, Sept. 19, 3pm

The Gun Shop


The Convicts Deadrisingwikia6 Three escaped prisoners who roam Leisure Park in a stolen humvee with a mounted machine gun, killing both zombies and survivors indiscriminately. Frank has the opportunity to rescue Sophie Richards after her friend is murdered by them. Leisure Park Day 1, September 19, 6:00pm


3,000 each

Adam MacIntyre Dead rising adam bust A clown beloved by Willamette who went mad after zombies killed his audience. He rigs the Space Rider attraction to go insanely fast to keep the zombies away at night, with a hostage tied up on board all the while. He will attack anyone who attempts to deactivate it with two small chainsaws he juggles, along with various other party trick themed weapons. Wonderland Plaza Day 1, Sept. 19, 9 pm

Out of Control


Steven Chapman Dead rising steven bust Manager of the mall's grocery who will do anything to protect his store, and has fastened several dangerous weapons to a shopping cart to mow down potential vandals. Frank must take him down in order to free Isabela Keyes and acquire medicine needed for Brad from the pharmacy. Seon's Food & Stuff Day 2, Immediately after Case 2-2: Rescue the Professor

Case 2-3: Medicine Run


Cliff Hudson Dead rising cliff A war veteran experiencing a traumatic episode after witnessing his granddaughter being eaten by zombies. He has captured several people, convinced they're undercover Viet Cong, and has turned the store he occupies into a bloodbath. Crislip's Home Saloon Day 2, Sept. 20, 8 am

The Hatchet Man


Isabela Keyes Dead rising isabela Sister of the main antagonist, Carlito. She fights Frank on a motorcycle when he tries to talk to her in front of the supermarket. She later joins him in his endeavor to reveal the truth behind the incident. North Plaza Day 2, Immediately after Case 4-1: Another Source

Case 4-2: Girl Hunting

Jo Slade Dead rising jo A corrupt and sadistic police officer who has captured several women, holding them captive at the Lovely Fashion House. She violently tortures and degrades her hostages, eventually killing them one by one if not stopped. Lovely Fashion House in Wonderland Plaza Day 2, Sept. 20, 1 pm

Above the Law


Hall Family
Hall family
A family armed with sniper rifles, killing both zombies and other survivors. Roger and his two sons, Jack and Thomas, target anyone in the Entrance Plaza, claiming it's for their own survival. Entrance Plaza Day 2, Sept. 20, 5 pm

Mark Of The Sniper


Paul Carson Dead rising paul A pyromaniac caught terrorizing two women at the Casual Gals store with Molotov cocktails, due to paranoia over people mocking him. After his defeat, he can become a savable survivor. Casual Gals in Wonderland Plaza Day 3, Sept. 21, 4 am

Long Haired Punk


Raincoat Cult Dead rising true eye The followers of Sean Keanan, who take part in his ritualistic sacrifices. Willamette Parkview Mall Day 2, Sept. 20, 1 pm

The Cult

500 each

Sean Keanan Dead rising sean The murderous leader of the True Eye cult, killing "non-believers" in the belief that spilling their "tainted" blood will stop the zombie outbreak. Sean and his cult have five survivors ready to be sacrificed in Theater 4 of Colby's Movieland. Colby's Movieland Cinema 4 Day 3, Sept. 21, 12 am

A Strange Group


Larry Chiang Dead rising larry A tall, obese butcher chopping away at the only fresh meat left in the mall: living people. He captures Carlito, whom Frank must rescue. Meat Processing Area Day 3, Immediately after Case 8-3: Jessie's Discovery

Case 8-4: The Butcher


Brock Mason Dead rising brock A coldhearted Special Forces commander overseeing the zombie cleanup operation in Willamette, as he previously did in Santa Cabeza. Ordered to take out all zombies and survivors, he intends to do so unquestioningly. Construction Site Day 4, Sept. 22

Overtime Mode

Respawning psychopath weapons[]

All weapons unique to psychopaths will respawn whenever Frank leaves and then returns to a set location.[1]

Psychopath Weapon Store Plaza
Dead rising adam Adam MacIntyre Small Chainsaw Wonderland Plaza
Dead rising cliff Cliff Hudson Machete Crislip's Home Saloon North Plaza
Dead rising reginald Convicts[2] Heavy Machine Gun, Humvee Leisure Park
Dead rising isabela Isabela Keyes Motorcycle North Plaza
Dead rising larry Larry Chiang Meat Cleaver Meat Processing Area Maintenance Tunnels
Dead rising sean Sean Keanan Ceremonial Sword Colby's Movieland Paradise Plaza
Dead rising steven Steven Chapman Weapon Cart Seon's Food and Stuff North Plaza
Dead rising paul Paul Carson[3] Molotov Cocktail
Psychopaths without respawning weapons
Brock Mason
Dead rising carlito Carlito Keyes
Dead rising cletus Cletus Samson
Dead rising roger Hall Family
Dead rising jo Jo Slade
Dead rising kent Kent Swanson

Psychopath prestige point bonuses[]

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Day 1 – September 19[]

Psychopath Defeat bonus
Dead rising carlito Carlito 20,000
Dead rising cletus Cletus 20,000
Dead rising adam Adam 20,000

Day 2 – September 20[]

Psychopath Defeat bonus
Dead rising carlito Carlito (2) 30,000
Dead rising steven Steven 30,000
Dead rising cliff Cliff 30,000
Dead rising isabela Isabela 30,000
Dead rising jo Jo 30,000
Dead rising roger Roger 15,000
Dead rising jack Jack 15,000
Dead rising thomas Thomas 15,000

Day 3 – September 21[]

Psychopath Defeat bonus
Dead rising sean Sean 30,000
Dead rising paul Paul 30,000
Dead rising kent Kent 30,000
Dead rising carlito Carlito (3) 50,000
Dead rising larry Larry 50,000



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  2. Respawn at midnight everyday.
  3. Frank receives the Molotov Cocktail after finishing Paul's Present


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