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One of two blenders in Colby's Movieland during overtime mode.

For Dead Rising 2 see Dead Rising 2 Recipes.

In a few places in the mall Frank can find Blenders. Combine two food items in the Blender and Frank will get a special type of juice back. There are seven varieties of Juices, and each has a "special" or "power-up" effect on Frank. These effects range from useful effects such as making Frank temporarily invincible to oddball abilities, such as allowing Frank to spit bullets (Spitfire). There is even the Randomizer, which will give Frank cramps and disables him for a short period at random intervals. All of these Juices restore large amounts of health in addition to providing certain effects, and Frank can use any of them as an ingredient in the Blender to make another type of juice. There are at least forty-four (44) ingredients Frank can use to make Juices, including the juices themselves, making a list of 990 possible combinations.[1]

How to mix two items in a blenderEdit

Dead rising juice menu colombian

Recipe in Colombian Roastmasters which explains how to make one of the mixed drinks.

In order to mix two items together in a blender Frank must first switch items in his inventory until he gets to the first ingredient. With the ingredient in hand go to the blender, and when the yellow indicator is highlighted and tells you to press B to "Examine" the blender, press B. This puts your first item in the blender. Frank cannot get the item back out once you put it in.

To add the second food item switch to the food item and Examine the blender again.

The blender will whirl, then spit out a colored thermos-looking container. The color is indicative of the Juice you made, and it will have the name in parenthesis when you walk close enough to it.


Click on the links for more detailed information. When a juice has only 10 seconds left, it will begin to blink.

Name Result Lasts Secondary benefit
Dead rising Energizer Energizer Frank cannot be injured. 10 seconds real time. Fully heals Frank.
Dead rising Nectar Nectar Attracts any nearby queens to Frank. Fully heals Frank.
Dead rising Quickstep Quickstep Increases Frank's speed drastically 30 seconds real time. Fully heals Frank.
Dead rising Randomizer Randomizer Gives Frank stomach pains.
Dead rising Spitfire Spitfire Changes Frank's harmless ability to spit at zombies into a lethal projectile.
Dead rising Untouchable Untouchable Frank cannot be grabbed by Zombies but can still suffer damage from their attacks.
Dead rising Zombait Zombait Zombies are more attracted to Frank which can aid in distracting zombies from survivors. 60 seconds real time.


By combining two items in a blender, Frank can create mixtures that will give him special abilities for a short time.

How to read this table:

  • Find the food item on the left hand side, going up and down.
  • Find the second food item on the top, going left to right

For example, Canned Food plus Cabbage creates untouchable.

Below is a comprehensive chart detailing the possible recipe combinations - note the scroll bar at the bottom. Also a blank section probably means the food combination has not been attempted yet, not that the food combination will not work. Scroll over an item and the name will appear.