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Dead rising status

As Frank levels up in Dead Rising, he'll learn new skills and moves. Below is a list of all of the 24 moves available to Frank.



Your level is displayed underneath your health

Leveling is a system by which the player can increase Frank's talents and attributes. You can level up by obtaining numerous prestige points throughout the game, either by killing a certain amount of zombies, taking pictures, especially Photo Ops, or by doing other things in the game. Leveling affects Health, Inventory, Throw, Skills, Speed, and Attack. If a player reaches level 50 in the game, they will earn the Level Max achievement.


As Frank levels up, he learns new skills. What Frank earns as he levels up is different for each player. For example, player one may have a health block and the Jump Kick by level 3, while player two has an inventory slot and the Zombie Ride instead. It is different for everyone and, with the exception of Zombie Walk, there is no set level for each skill.

List of movesEdit

Image Name Level(s) available Damage Game description PP bonus
Punch 1 25 No game description.

Press X/Square to punch.

0 PP
Kick 1 75 No game description.

Hold X/Square to kick.

0 PP
Spit 1 0 No game description.

Hold down Righttrigger/R2 to go into aim mode and press X/Square to spit.

0 PP
Jump kick
Jump Kick 2-5 125 This skill allows you to kick during jumps. It is useful in clearing a path through crowds of zombies.

Press X/Square in mid-jump.

0 PP
Zombie ride
Zombie Ride 2-5 0 This skill allows you to climb on unsuspecting zombies. You can even walk along the top of zombie crowds.

Press A/Cross while pushing Left/L3 toward nearby standing zombies.

Called Zombie Hop in Off the Record.

0 PP
Flying dodge
Flying Dodge 6-10 0 Ultimate Evasion Skill.

Push and tap Left in the same direction twice in rapid succession to throw yourself in that direction.

You are invincible at the beginning of this move, but the end will leave you open for a moment.

0 PP
Kick back
Kick Back 6-10 0 Skill used for evading zombies.

When grabbed by a zombie, repeatedly push Left/L3 in the direction Frank is facing to deliver a kick to the attacker.

0 PP
Football tackle
Football Tackle 11-15 125 Make use of Frank's burly physique with this fierce tackle skill.

Press A/Cross while clicking Left to tackle, press X/Square when your tackle makes contact with a zombie to chain together additional tackles.

30 PP
Power push
Power Push 11-15 0 Avoid Zombie attacks with this skill.

When grabbed by a zombie, repeatedly push Left to the right or the left to repel the attacker and escape danger.

0 PP
Judo throw
Judo Throw 16-20 Max (Zombies) This powerful skill calls on the art of Judo and takes out a zombie with style.

When grabbed by a zombie, push Left away from the attacker repeatedly to toss them over your shoulder.

100 PP
Double lariat
Double Lariat 16-20 250 Utilize Frank's upper body strength by extending both arms and spinning in place rapidly to knock down surrounding enemies with this skill. Frank will lose his grip on any equipped weapon or item as the Double Lariat is finishing, so it's best to have your hands empty while performing it.

Press X/Square while clicking Left.

50 PP
Lift up
Lift Up 21-25 100 (Survivors)

Max (Zombies & Special Forces)

Lift a zombie and give them a toss with this skill.

While facing a zombie, simultaneously press X/Square and A/Cross without pushing Left. Then, press X/Square again to throw the zombie forward.

70 PP
Roundhouse kick
Roundhouse Kick 21-25 312 Unleashes a powerful kick just as you land.

Press X/Square at the exact moment Frank contacts the ground following a jump or drop from a higher plane.

Called "Roundhouse" in Off the Record.

10 PP
Knee drop
Knee Drop 26-30 200 Make zombies eat dirt by bringing your knee crashing down on them with incredible force.

During a jump, press X/Square while pushing Left downward.

Frank can also use this skill to fall without damage.

10 PP
Suplex 26-30 100 (Survivors)

Max (Zombies & Special Forces)

Grab your opponent and send them flying.

Facing a standing enemy's back, simultaneously press X/Square and A/Cross without pushing Left.

100 PP
Hammer throw
Hammer Throw 31-35 100 (Survivors)

Max (Zombies & Special Forces)

This skill allows you to grab a zombie and give them a good shove.

Press X/Square and A/Cross simultaneously while standing at a zombie's side.

Choose a direction to push with Left and shove using X/Square.

100 PP
Wall kick
Wall Kick 31-35 375 Use your momentum from kicking off a wall to deliver a punishing kick to zombies with this skill.

Press X/Square while pushing Left in the opposite direction of the wall at the moment you make contact with it.

Frank can also use this skill to fall without damage.

0 PP
Giant swing
Giant Swing 36-40 100 Grab a zombie by its rotten ankles and take it for a spin with this over the top skill.

Stand near a fallen zombie's feet and press X/Square and A/Crosssimultaneously.

100 PP
Face crusher
Face Crusher 36-40 100 (Survivors)

Max (Zombies & Special Forces)

This skill allows you to grab a zombie by the scruf of the neck and smash its face into the ground.

Press X/Square and A/Cross simultaneously while pushing Left toward a zombie from behind.

300 PP
Neck twist
Neck Twist 36-40 Max (Zombies) This skill allows you to grab a zombie's head and give it a brutal twist.

Stand near the head of a fallen zombie and press X/Square and A/Cross simultaneously.

100 PP
Disembowel 41-45 100 (Survivors)

Max (Zombies & Special Forces)

This skill allows you to quickly thrust a hand inside a zombie's body and yank out their putrid organs.

Push Left toward a zombie from the front while simultaneously pressing X/Square and A/Cross. The Disembowel skill is particularly powerful against Special Forces troops and can instantly kill.

300 PP
Karate chop
Karate Chop 41-45 50 A properly trained fist is more powerful than any blade. This incredible skill demonstrates the ancient art of karate at its most brutal.

Press X/Square to unleash the attack on zombies behind Frank.

0 PP
Dead rising somersalt kick
Somersault Kick 41-45 300

200 (Survivors)

This skill allows you to unleash a kick so powerful that it can decapitate a zombie in one hit.

Press A/Cross to jump, then immediately press X/Square.

10 PP
Zombie Walk 50 0 Only those who have observed and mastered the art of zombie movement can utilize this skill. Blend in with the crowd with the ultimate deception and keep their attacks at bay. Frank will initially Kick if on the ground, or will do nothing, Jump Kick, Roundhouse, Knee Drop, Wall Kick, or Flying Dodge if in the air. After a while, Frank will slouch over, make a heavy breathing noise, and will imitate a zombie and its behavior.

Barehanded, continuously hold X/Square.

0 PP


Dead rising lift up

The "Lift up" skill in action

  • Doing the Giant Swing move for too long leaves Frank dizzy.
  • A zombie walk is an actual event, where people dress up as zombies and walk into the streets, sometimes for charity. Many movies also had their characters do a Zombie Walk.
  • When jumping off a high place, do a Knee Drop to avoid any damage.
  • During the Wall Kick animation, you can slightly influence where Frank can go. Also, doing the Wall Kick at a high place will make Frank avoid any damage.
  • Most of the skills can also be used against survivors, cultists, and special forces soldiers.
  • The Somersault Kick is a signature move used by Guile in Capcom's Street Fighter series of video games, whereas the Double Lariat is an attack used by Zangief.
  • There are three different Zombie Walk walking animations, all three of which have set speeds and appearances.



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