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"Hey! Can you guys help me? I'm in a major need of a boost. Can you bring me an Energizer Juice."
—Dean, requesting help

Dean Templeton is a survivor in Dead Rising 2: Case West. He is a scientist working for Phenotrans.

Dean can be found cowering in the Server Room. When he sees Chuck Greene and Frank West, he asks for a Energizer Juice, as a pick-me-up. After receiving the drink, he feels better and evacuates the facility.

The energizer juice can easily be made in the cafeteria, by mixing an apple with whiskey.[1]



Dean: Hey! Can you guys help me? I'm in a major need of a boost. Can you bring me an Energizer Juice? That's better, I should be able to make it now. Thanks! Dean will be immediately saved


  • Dean is the only survivor in the franchise to ask for a mixed drink, although he's not the only (nor even the first) to be capable of accepting one.
  • Dean's placement in the game is somewhat cruel, as it's very possible even on a first run to reach the final doors before his mission is even active, he's on the other side of the facility, and the mixed drink he wants is a recipe most players likely haven't memorized (when compared to more widely used drinks like Quickstep or Pain Killer.
  • Dean is the only survivor to ask for a very specific healing item, not counting Ronald Shiner in Chop Till You Drop.



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