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"But we got a chance to be real patriots here, Earl. And get us some target practice! These so-called survivors, Ha! Bunch of whiners let this thing happen."
—Deetz Hartman

Deetz Hartman is a psychopath appearing in Dead Rising 2 during the unannounced mission Militia Men. He is located on rooftop of Juggz Bar & Grill (access behind the building). He reappears in Dead Rising 2: Off the Record with the same role.

Militia Men[]

Deetz, along with a couple of friends, make up the group known as the Militia Men, a group of rednecks bent on reconstructing America by taking out all those who have ruined it, survivors and zombies alike. Deetz made his point by shooting a lonesome man who was innocently wandering through Fortune Park. After talking and drinking with his buddies, he splits up and takes position on the rooftop of the Paradise Platinum Screens theater. Chuck finds him on the rooftop with his sniper rifle and kills him.


Climb up the ladder next to the Maintenance Room and Juggz Bar and Grill to take him on using melee attacks. Knife Gloves are efficient, as are any other powerful and fast attacking combo weapon. A safe way of killing Deetz is to climb on top of the awning above Platinum Screens. If you position Chuck/Frank correctly, you can hit him with any firearms but he won't be able to hit you.


  • His last name is spelled "Hartman", but on his clothes it's spelled "Hartmann", with an extra "N".
  • Hartman maybe a reference to Drill Sergent Hartman from the movie Full Metal Jacket.
  • Deetz seems to act as the leader of the Militia Men
  • In the PC game files, items.txt he is listed under militiamen1. 
  • There appears to be an odd glitch when all four of the snipers spawn where one or more of them does not spawn. This is very rare, though.
  • In cutscene that first shows the group, Deetz has tape and some words carved on his sniper rifle, but his rifle, when obtained, will just look like a regular sniper rifle.
  • If he finishes his machete attack successfully, he will sometimes mention that last week he (and possibly the rest of the snipers) shot some "fellas" in Arizona. 
  • There's also another glitch regarding Deetz's AI in Dead Rising Off The Record. He doesn't appear on the rooftop (his lifebar is invisible and he won't shoot Frank) after defeating the other snipers but if you climb there you will see him standing at the sniping point without moving or reacting to ranged or melee attacks. When is killed, the player can't take the sniper rifle he had in the cutscene but can't shoot anyone (this could result in blocking the inventory selection) with it and also when aiming, it points down not forward. This glitch happens only in Sandbox Mode (Dead Rising 2: Off the Record).
  • The survivor he shoots in the cutscene has the same model as Stuart Holmes.
  • Deetz is one of the only psychopaths in Dead Rising 2 who wears body armour, along with Dwight Boykin.
  • In cutscene that first shows the group, you can see that Deetz has tape and some words carved on his sniper rifle, but when you kill him and pick it up it will just look like a regular sniper rifle. This also goes for the rest of the snipers since in the cutscene all of them had designs on their guns, but when you fight them, their designs disappear.
  • On his coat is written "HARTMANN". 


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