Defeat Hilde, the Sergeant is the twelfth story mission during Chapter 3 in Dead Rising 3.

Summary[edit | edit source]

Once Nick chases Hilde to the top floor of the police station, he will need to defeat her in order to advance. She serves as the final boss for this chapter.

Once she has been defeated, Nick can obtain the flash drive containing the security camera footage and return it to Red back at the hotel.

Mission Dialogue[edit | edit source]

Battle Style[edit | edit source]

  • Hilde is armed with a rocket launcher and two Sgt. Pistols. While climbing the stairs to the third level of the police station, she will shoot rockets at Nick/Dick periodically. She will also shoot him with the rocket launcher during the boss battle, but not frequently.
  • She shoots at Nick/Dick constantly, and her bullets can break glass and other items that may give cover. Her bullets can stun Nick/Dick.
  • She will also throw flash grenades to stun and distract Nick/Dick. However, they also serve as Hilde's own vulnerability. The flash grenades can be thrown back at her before they detonate and upon successfully stunning her, she will be open for attacks and to being grabbed.
  • When stunned, she can be grabbed by pressing Ybutton.png and Template:Bbutton. Mash A button or X button to repeatedly punch her in the stomach. Finally, a head bash can be performed by pressing Ybutton.png.
  • She has two health bars. After her second one has been depleted to the half way point, she will call in reinforcements.
  • If Nick gets too close, she can kick him to the ground or grapple him. 
  • In Hildes grabbing quick time event, she will attempt to shove Nick/Dick face into her breasts.
  • Her attacks can do anywhere from 5 damage to 75 damage per hit. [1]

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References[edit | edit source]

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