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Defeat the Gang Leader is the final story mission during Chapter 1 in Dead Rising 3.


Once Nick defeats some bikers, Hunter Thibodeaux, the leader of the gang, arrives on a RollerHawg. He kills the two members who attacked Rhonda and then invites Nick to join. Nick refuses and tries to reason with him to no avail. After Molotov cocktails are thrown on the ground, Hunter encourages Nick and the battle begins.

After Hunter is defeated, Hunter is frustrated and humiliated by his defeat and attempts to run Nick over. Nick throws Molotov cocktails at Hunter and he burns. Hunter crashes into a tanker truck and dies. After the battle, Nick briefly goes into shock over killing an uninfected human and then leaves the scene with Rhonda.

Battle Style[]

  • Hunter will attempt to run Nick down with the RollerHawg. Nick must roll out of the way while being mindful of the fact that the RollerHawg will also shoot flames. Dodge rolling it the most effective way to avoid taking damage. 
  • Hunter will also do donuts with the RollerHawg. Afterwards, he will stop for a moment. This gives Nick time to shoot him or throw a molotov at him. 
  • Hunter's greatest weaknesses are explosives and fire. When hit with a molotov or any other fire-type of weapons he will be temporarily stunned, trying to extinguish himself. Nick can then jump up to where he's seated and press Y button and B button to punch him repeatedly.
  • If there are no molotovs to hit Hunter with, there are bags on the sides and back of the RollerHawg which can be shot to light Hunter on fire.  
  • His attacks will do anywhere from 25 to 75 damage per hit.[1]



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