Defeat the Real Albert is the eighth story mission during Chapter 3 in Dead Rising 3.

Summary[edit | edit source]

Nick must go to Almuda Farms Cold Storage to destroy the final box of military supplies. When he arrives, however, he is quickly apprehended by Albert Contiello, a psychopathic surgeon who has been drugging survivors and harvesting their organs. Nick faints under the effects of Albert's sedative.

When he wakes, Albert is preparing to harvest the organs of Alejandra Garcia. Nick attempts to get up off the table to stop him, and knocks over an organ cooler in the process. This enrages Albert and prompts a psychopath battle to take place.

After Albert has been defeated, Nick will recover fully and can destroy the final box of supplies, as well as save four of Albert's victims: Alejandra Garcia, Lara, Zach and Stevie. Any items Nick had in the inventory before the fight can be found before leaving the area. 

Battle Style[edit | edit source]

  • Albert will walk around the area and attempt to harvest the organs of victims throughout the fight.
  • Nick will hallucinate seeing many different Alberts who are actually other survivors, periodically throughout the fight, and so part of the battle is spent finding the real Albert. 
  • Nick will periodically faint, since he's still under the effect of hallucinogenic drugs. 
  • Albert will attack Nick with a surgical saw or a syringe if Nick gets too close.
  • Albert may also attempt to grab and "harvest" Nick, if he is unlucky enough to be to close to Albert.
  • Albert's weakness lies within the Organ Coolers. Picking them up and throwing one of them will cause him to become angry, thus distracting him and giving Nick an opportunity to attack. Press Ybutton.png+Template:Bbutton to grab Albert and stab him with a syringe.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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