Defend Doug
Defend Doug 1
Location Los Perdidos Communication Tower
Previous Mission Get to the Communications Tower
Next Mission Clear Out the Zombies Inside
Survivor(s) Doug Trent

Defend Doug is the tenth story mission in Dead Rising 3: Fallen Angel.


After arriving at the Los Perdidos Communication Tower, Angel meets up with Doug. Angel follows Doug to a locked door that leads to the upper part of the tower. In order to get inside, Doug will need some time to unlock the door.

While Doug is lockpicking, Angel will need to stand guard and make sure that he doesn't get attacked by zombies. If Doug dies, the player will receive a game over.


  • If most of the zombies are killed before the mission objective to protect Doug comes up, there will be less risk of him getting attacked while being defended. His health bar can be depleted while he's trying to get through the tower to the locked door, however, so it may be wise to run ahead of Doug and clear zombies along the way. 


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