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"Thanks Papi. When this is all over, come find me, and I'll thank you properly."
—Deidre, after being rescued

Deidre Sanchez is a survivor found exclusively in Dead Rising 2: Off the Record. She is found in Hot Excitorama during the mission "Long Legs of the Law". She is an exotic dancer who worked at The Peephole, dressed as a police officer.

Long Legs of the Law[]

Deidre has fled The Peephole when the outbreak started and took refuge in Hot Excitorama. Armed with a bowling pin, which she jokes that is her prop for when she performs as a dancer, she is found by Frank West. He offers to take her to safety and she agrees, stating that she likes a man in charge. She awards Frank some of her tips that she collected the night before the outbreak.


  • There are three Erotic PP Photo Ops during Deidre's recruitment, one in each segment of dialog, where Deidre will strike a sexy pose as Frank convinces her to join him.
  • When she joins Frank, he may say, "You're a lot nicer than the last female cop I met!",  a nod towards Jo Slade.
  • Deidre shares the same last name as Miguel Sanchez, a prisoner psychopath in Dead Rising. Despite the similar surnames, no relation between the two is implied.
  • Her name could possibly be a play on the phrase "Dirty Sanchez", a sexual act.
  • Deidre Sanchez will not give Chuck or Frank the Massager back after it is in Deidre's possession.[1]
  • Her reward money ($6,900) is also a sexual reference (in this case, the "69" being a sexual position).



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