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"Thanks Papi. When this is all over, come find me, and I'll thank you properly."
—Deidre, after being rescued

Deidre Sanchez is a survivor found exclusively in Dead Rising 2: Off the Record. She is found in Hot Excitorama during the mission "Long Legs of the Law". She is an exotic dancer who worked at The Peephole, dressed as a police officer.

Long Legs of the Law[]

Deidre has fled The Peephole when the outbreak started and took refuge in Hot Excitorama. Armed with a bowling pin, which she jokes that is her prop for when she performs as a dancer, she is found by Frank West. He offers to take her to safety and she agrees, stating that she likes a man in charge. She awards Frank some of her tips that she collected the night before the outbreak.

It's unknown if she survived in the original timeline but it's possible that she escaped when the zombies were out of their cage's


  • There are three Erotic PP Photo Ops during Deidre's recruitment, one in each segment of dialog, where Deidre will strike a sexy pose as Frank convinces her to join him.
  • When she joins Frank, he may say, "You're a lot nicer than the last female cop I met!",  a nod towards Jo Slade.
  • Deidre shares the same last name as Miguel Sanchez, a prisoner psychopath in Dead Rising. Despite the similar surnames, no relation between the two is implied.
  • Her name could possibly be a play on the phrase "Dirty Sanchez", a sexual act.
  • Deidre Sanchez will not give Chuck or Frank the Massager back after it is in Deidre's possession, saying "No telling when I'll find another one of these".[1]
  • Her reward money ($6,900) is also a sexual reference (in this case, the "69" being a sexual position).



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