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The Delivery Truck is a vehicle in Dead Rising.

The truck is the slowest of all the four wheel vehicles but it has the highest durability of all of these vehicles. It is one of three most commonly used vehicles to get the Zombie Genocider achievement, the other two being the convertible and the sedan.

It is found in the Maintenance Tunnels, right underneath Seon's Food and Stuff.


  • Primary: Hold down the X button button to accelerate.
  • Reverse: Hold down the A button button to reverse.
  • Brake: Hold down the X button and A button buttons simultaneously to brake.


  • The headlights are not turned on in Leisure Park during the day, but are turned on in the maintenance tunnels.
  • Only the delivery truck under Seon's Food and Stuff works. There are several other trucks in the maintenance tunnels which cannot be driven because they have slashed tires. In one of the later cases Frank West learns that Carlito Keyes slashed these truck tires, and then planted bombs in these trucks.
  • When driving in the Maintenance Tunnels your vehicle may suddenly stop. This is probably because a hunk of meat is stuck underneath the vehicle.
  • In the Dead Rising Beta, it says "Chie Club" instead of "Michelle Club" on the side of the truck.
  • The front of the truck indicates the truck is an old Chevy Van.