Derek is a survivor found in Dead Rising 3 during the side mission Speed Freak.

Nick can find Derek only after meeting Red at the car lot rooftop during Chapter 4.

Speed Freak[edit | edit source]

Nick can speak to Derek in the courtyard in the back alley behind the Lee-Amies Estates. He will challenge Nick to a race around the streets of Ingleton. Go to the starting place and follow the markers around the city to complete the race. There will be many hordes of zombies to wade through while the race is going on, so it is recommended to have some sort of weapon in order to defend yourself.

Nick does not have to complete the race on foot. He can, in fact, drive to complete the mission faster without any worry of failing it. Once Nick finishes the race and beats Derek, Derek will open up the well-stocked Just a Shot gun store which was previously locked.

it's possible he escaped the city thanks to Rhonda and Gary.

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