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"Only way to get this country on track again is clean it right up of all those pansies, floozies, bur-o-crats, liberals and them half-ass conservatives too."
—Derrick Duggan

Derrick Duggan is a psychopath in Dead Rising 2 who appears in the unannounced mission Militia Men. He is a member of a group of hunters bent on killing survivors and zombies alike. He reappears in Dead Rising 2: Off the Record with the same role.

Militia Men[]

In Militia Men, Derrick and his hunting pals murder an innocent man that was wandering in Fortune Park. He and his friends go on about how they believe the zombies and survivors are communists sent to destroy democracy. They are determined to cleanse America of these "traitors", one city at a time.

Derrick is found on the roof of the Atlantica Casino that can only be accessed from a room near the indoor underground access north of the casino.

Battling Derrick[]

Derrick will attempt to shoot Chuck with his sniper rifle and has a lot of room to do so, especially when Chuck first climbs up. He can move behind the air condition unit and Derrick will be forced to move closer to Chuck. Chuck can then either step in and out of cover to shoot him, or he can rush him with a melee weapon.

He uses a machete for melee attacks, and his speed is deadly, so hit him quick and move away.


  • Many zombies share his character model, simply recolored to look like a zombie. The wrench-carrying zombies in Dead Rising 2: Case Zero also share the same zombie character model.
  • Derrick wears suspenders that appear to be made out of measuring tape.
  • In-game, the straps on Derrick's overalls are yellow, but in his notebook portrait, one is yellow and the other is green.
  • In the PC game files, items.txt he is listed under militiamen2
  • In Dead Rising 3, there is an image of a man on a target poster which looks like Derrick.
  • He shares his surname with the victim Tim Duggan from the Code Blue mission, though it is unlikely they are related.
  • In Sandbox Mode of Off the Record, Derrick's rooftop will be cluttered with zombies even when he spawns, making it more awkward to deal with him. 
  • There appears to be an odd bug/glitch when all four of the snipers spawn where one or more of them does not spawn. This is very rare, though.