Dick Baker
Dead rising dick (dead rising 3) full
Age Late 30s
Job Truck Driver
Status Unknown (as of 2022)
Voice Actor Kirk Bovill
Mission(s) All (Co-Op)

"How many tattoos you think Rhonda's got? Maybe she'd let me count 'em later, hm?"
—Dick making lewd comments about Rhonda.

Dick Baker is a character in Dead Rising 3

When joining a co-op game, the player will control Dick, and play alongside Nick Ramos. Unlike any other character in the past (with the exception of Frank in Case West), he also makes an appearance throughout the game's main story even when you are not playing co-op.

He's is a truck driver who stops in Los Perdidos and gets trapped there, due to the current outbreak happening at the time. [1] He travels alongside Nick, Annie and Rhonda. [2]

Dead Rising 3Edit

Dick first appears in the Diner after Nick arrives. He supposedly went out hunting for supplies like Nick did, but all he found was a sledgehammer. Once Peter and his Mother die, Nick takes the sledgehammer Dick found and creates a sledgesaw. Dick and Rhonda escape with Nick to Rhonda's Garage.

Once there, Rhonda kills a zombie and tells Dick to check the area for any others. After a bit, Dick reports back that the area is clear of zombies.

Afterwards, Dick doesn't have much story significance. He'll appear in main story cutscenes from time to time, but usually stays in the background.


  • Dick wears a Shanks cap, referencing the Shanks store found in Dead Rising 1, 2 and 3.
  • According to a game's developer, Dick has a low tolerance for the gore in-game, and this is shown in the beginning of the game as when Peter's intestines are thrown at the window in front of him, he pukes all over the wall in front of him.
  • His appearance might be a reference to the SNK character Terry Bogard, who is a blonde american man who has long hair, wears a jacket with it's sleeves torn off with a white shirt underneath, a pair of jeans, and a signature red and white hat.
  • Just like Frank, Chuck, and Nick, Dick has a "k" at the end of his name.
  • He is a smoker. He can be seen smoking cigarettes while waiting in the warehouse with Rhonda. 
  • In the comic book for Dead Rising 3, it is shown that either Dick is a very good mechanic just like Nick or he is a very lucky scavenger, as he has salvaged or built a flamethrower that was capable of burning a large chunk of a horde with it.
  • Joining another person's game nets the achievement "Be a Dick!", a pun on both Dick's name and a slang for "jerk".
  • He appears to have an attraction to Rhonda Kreske, commenting on her body as well as asking Nick if she'd let him look at all her tattoos, including the ones underneath her clothes.
  • He is the first person from the southern parts of U.S.A to be playable in the Dead Rising series.
  • Regardless of the co-op players clothing, Dick will always be in his default outfit in cutscenes.
  • He was married before the events of Dead Rising 3, which Dick will reveal during the mission Memory Lane if the co-op player is escorting Meryl. When Meryl talks about how she bit her ring to see if it was real gold, Dick will say "Ha! My ex-wife thought she'd bite me instead. I like your way better."
  • His clothing looks similar to Tucker's from the 2004 film Dawn of the Dead.
  • In Dead Rising 4, a mechanic outfit can be found in McKenzie auto repair, with Dick being the name tag. It's unclear if it actually belonged to Dick Baker.
  • Dick is apparently a fan of Willie Nelson. During Love's a Drag, after Adam explains why Bibi Love is playing, Dick will say "I could play some Willie Nelson but -- nah. Listen, I'll deal with them speakers and the zombies, okay?"
  • Dick is the only playable character to have audio for the Super Shout combo weapons that is unique to him. Kane, Angel, Hunter and Brad all use Nick's audio.



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