Dog Gone!
Dog Gone 1
Location South Almuda Recycle Depot
Survivor(s) Jorge Ruiz
PP 40,000 PP
"Yo, some chef dude freaking out at South Almuda recycling. Maybe he lost his muffins."
Jamie Flynt

Dog Gone! is a side mission in Dead Rising 3.

This mission will only appear after freeing the captives from the military compound during Chapter 4.[1] Additionally, Nick must not have the side mission Lesser Evil in his available quest log. Lesser Evil must be dealt with before Jamie will call for this mission.[2]


Nick will get a call from Jamie about a distraught man standing outside the South Almuda recycling plant. If he chooses to investigate, Nick can find a man named Jorge standing outside of the plant next to his broken down hot dog cart. He is frustrated and upset over the cart being destroyed because now he cannot feed the hungry. He has aspirations to create something new though, and asks that Nick escort him to a kitchen. He will then follow Nick to the Pirate's Catch Seafood Restaurant.

When Jorge is safely escorted to the restaurant, he will go into the kitchen and start creating. His goal is create the "ultimate hot dog." He calls this creation the Master Dog and will give it to Nick.


  • Jorge will not count as an active posse member while being escorted. Nick can bring five other posse members to meet with Jorge, and will still be able to recruit him.[3]



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