Don't Look Now
Don't Look Now 1
Location Security Services Inc.
Survivor(s) Kyla
PP 25,000
"Nick. Lady with a camera ducked into some security room in Central. Looks paranoid."
Jamie Flynt

Don't Look Now is a side mission in Dead Rising 3.

This side mission can be attempted anytime during Chapter 5.


Nick can find a young woman named Kyla inside of the security office of Security Services Inc. in Central City. Kyla has a conspiracy theory about the government being responsible for the zombie outbreak. She needs proof so that her theory will hold up, however, and asks Nick to do a little bit of dumpster diving.

Nick will need to search through five random piles of trash to bring back three suspicious documents for Kyla. The documents will always be randomly found in different piles of trash for each playthrough, so the only option is to root through all of the trash piles.[1] They are spread throughout Central City:

  • Right outside of the building where Kyle is found.
  • Near the entrance to Underground Parking in the northern part of the district.
  • In a service alley underneath The Burgess-Dawson hotel.
  • Near Zip Gas in the eastern part of the district.
  • On one of the streets near the entrance to South Bridge.

Because the trash is so spread out, you may want to investigate the trash piles while doing other side missions in the city to save yourself some time. Once you've found the documents, return them to Kyla to finish the mission.



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