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Don Andrews is an unseen character mentioned in Dead Rising 2. He is a commentator for the Terror is Reality game shows, alongside with Paul Lazenby.

Don tends to maintain a more professional image while working and commenting, whereas Paul is more casual and inappropriate, constantly insulting Don by calling him gay, or saying that he's slept with Don's wife. Don never replies, so it's unknown if these claims have any merit, or if they even bother Don at all. He only speaks during the Terror is Reality multiplayer mode.

It is unknown if he survived the outbreak in Fortune City, if he was in the city at all.

Game Text[]

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  • Don and Paul have over 90 minutes of speaking lines, more than any other character in Dead Rising 2.[1]
  • Don Andrews is voiced by the man of the same name, Don Andrews.[2][3][4]
  • On his website is a video featuring the trailer for Terror is Reality.[2]


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