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Drake Danton is a victim appearing in Dead Rising 2. He reappears in Dead Rising 2: Off the Record with the same role, with a Special photo opportunity as he is being dragged.


Drake was a spectator for the Terror is Reality show at the Fortune City Arena. He was in the arena trying to flee to the exit but he was dragged into a changing room by zombies and is killed instantly.


  • Drake shares the same face as Brian Scherbey and Marvin Horner.
  • The PC game file missions.txt lists his "DefaultBehaviour" as "Dead", whereas the other victims are listed as "Idle".
    • There is also an "EventString" named "DragDrake".
  • If Chuck is quick enough to reach the room where Drake is dragged into, he will find the dead Drake already lying there and the "alive" Drake gone once he is dragged all the way into the room.
  • Drake has the lowest amount of health out of all the characters in the game, with only 4 health points, followed by Shaun Wexler, who has 5 health points.