Dressed for Action
Dead rising kindell johnson in north plaza
Location North Plaza
Start Time Time iconSeptember 21st, 12am
Expires Time iconSeptember 21st, 6am
Survivors Kindell Johnson
PP 25,000 (Join)

50,000 (Escort)

Dead Rising
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"There's a guy in the North Plaza. He's got a shotgun and he's takin out the zombies! He could help us out, so go give him a hand!"
Otis Washington, Dead Rising: Chop Till You Drop

Dressed for Action is an unmarked scoop in Dead Rising and a marked scoop in Dead Rising: Chop Till You Drop.

It takes place in North Plaza at late night of the third day. It involves a lone survivor armed with a shotgun blasting his way around the North Plaza.


A man dressed in a tuxedo can be found in the North Plaza, armed with a shotgun. He calls out to Frank West when he approaches him and Frank will explain to him that there are other survivors in the Security Room and a helicopter is coming.

After hearing this, Kindell is a bit skeptical, but decides that he can check the place out and follows Frank back.


Conversation with Kindell
Dead rising kindell
Kindell: Hey, you all right?

Kindell: It's just nice to see another human being around here...well, a live one, at least.

Frank: If you're lookin' to meet more real live people, I know a place. The Security Room is safe. Wanna come with me?

Kindell: Safe? What am I supposed to do there? Sittin' around in a locked room ain't exactly my scene.

Frank: There's a helicopter coming to get us on Friday.

Kindell: Yeah? Sounds too good to be true to me...

Frank: It's coming. I guarantee it. Trust me.

Kindell: Alright. I suppose I can at least check the place out.[1]




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