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"D.I.Y. dental work at its finest."
—Combo card description

The Drill Bucket is a combo weapon in Dead Rising 2, Dead Rising 2: Case Zero, Dead Rising 2: Case West, and Dead Rising 2: Off the Record. It is created by combining a power drill with a bucket.

It is placed on a zombie's head, which activates the drills and drills through the zombie's skull and brain. It is more of a weapon suited for comedic purposes than one practical for killing zombies, as it takes too long to kill to be useful. The player must also pick the weapon back up after each kill.

This combo weapon is described as:

"It's a metal bucket with a few drills taped to the outside, pointing in. Slam it on a zombie's head and the drills will make short work of its melon. Yay!"[1]

Attacks and combo card[]

Drill Bucket combo card
Prestige points Main: 500 PP
Alternate: N/A
Dead rising 2 combo card Drill Bucket.jpg
Main attack (press X button/Square button) Slam the bucket down on a nearby zombie's skull. The drills will rev up, shredding the zombie's skull. Dead rising drill bucket main.png
Description D.I.Y. dental work at its finest.
–All prestige points listed here are halved when the weapon’s combo card is not owned and the player only has a scratch card.

Combo card location[]

In Dead Rising 2 and Off the Record, the combo card for the Drill Bucket is unlocked by leveling up. In Dead Rising 2, it is the 1st card out of 34 total cards awarded by leveling, and is generally unlocked at levels 2 or 3.

In Case Zero, a combo card for the Drill Bucket does not exist; only a scratch card may be obtained by finding the required components and combining them.

In Case West, the combo card for the Drill Bucket is in the player's inventory from the start of the game.

Weapon component locations[]

Dead Rising 2 and Case Zero general locations of weapons needed to make the Drill Bucket:

Component Location Component Location
Power Drill
Dead rising Power Drill.png
 Dead Rising 2

 Case Zero

Dead rising Bucket (Dead Rising 2).png
 Dead Rising 2

 Case Zero

Case West weapon component locations[]

Case West locations of weapons needed to make the Drill Bucket:[2]

Component Location Specific location and instructions Image
Bucket Storage Bay From the Loading Bay, walk up the large ramp and turn left as soon as you enter the Storage Bay. The bucket is on the ground, a few feet away from the 4x4.
Case west bucket ocation for drill bucket.JPG
Power Drill Loading Bay The power drill is in the Loading Bay on the ground, in front of the three small shelves against the wall opposite of the Maintenance Room.
Case west drill location for drill bucket.JPG


  • The Drill Bucket can be used ten times; however, it breaks before it can complete the animation, rendering the tenth attack useless.
  • The Terror is Reality event Headache involves a non-improvised version of the Drill Bucket.
  • The Drill Bucket can only be used on zombies.



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