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"You want some of this?! Come get some!"
—Dwight Boykin, screaming to Chuck

Sergeant Dwight Boykin is a psychopath appearing in Dead Rising 2 during Case 6-1: Help Arrives and Case 6-2: Last Stand. He leads the column of soldiers that arrive in Fortune City in order to quell the outbreak, as well as rescue any survivors. When the gas was released and the zombies turned into gas zombies, he went insane after witnessing his squad getting massacred.

He reappears in Dead Rising 2: Off the Record with the same role, during Case 7-1: Help Arrives and Case 7-2: The Last Stand.

Case 6-1: Help Arrives[]

In Case 6-1: Help Arrives, Sergeant Dwight Boykin leads the AZU into the infected city to begin the rescue operation. He kills the first zombie for his squad, and then commands them to separate and clean up the area in Fortune Park, beginning the operation. Everything goes smoothly, up until a soldier notices gas coming from underground and that the zombie he was fighting turned into the surprisingly quick and powerful gas zombies. His squad is quickly killed and consumed in front of him, only partially concealed due to the new green fog of gas. He tries to save one of his soldiers by grabbing him by the arm and pulling him to safety, but then stops staring at his comrade, likely realising he was already dead, before he runs to his car and drives off. He flees from the advancing zombies in his nearby Humvee and escapes into the underground tunnels.

Case 6-2: Last Stand[]

In Case 6-2: Last Stand, he appears to begin suffering an extreme case of dissociation immediately after his initial escape, believing his deceased comrades are still alive, interacting with their bodies even though they are obviously no longer living.

When Rebecca Chang follows him down into the tunnels to investigate, he takes her hostage for unknown reasons. He is fending off invading zombies, while commanding his dead soldiers 8-Ball, Curtis, and Jonesy to cover flanks and provide ammo and weapons. Beyond Rebecca, Boykin seems to immediately see Chuck as a zombie, perhaps speculating that Rebecca found him before his mental state deteriorated further, and forcing Chuck to fight him. After he is defeated, he uses a grenade to commit suicide, assuming that Chuck will bite him and will turn him into a zombie.

Sandbox Mode[]

Sgt. Boykin is one of the crazed survivors Frank can fight in Sandbox Mode. He will spawn in the Underground parking lot beneath the Yucatan Casino. Once defeated, he drops an LMG and $25,000.

Battling Boykin[]

See Case 6-2: Last Stand.


  • The song that plays while fighting Boykin is Scrape by Blue Stahli. This music is also played in a 2009 film "Bitch Slap".
  • Chuck can pick up the grenades he throws, just make sure the grenades he throws at Chuck is thrown back at him or avoided before exploding.
  • The character was modeled after a programmer on the team, Steve Wilson.
  • He is voiced by Paul Dobson, the real-life brother of Brian Dobson who voices Jed Wright and the male newscaster on Channel 6 News.
  • Boykin's case of Dissociation is entirely synonymous to what military men and women suffer in real life, leading to the more common diagnosis, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder or PTSD, a psychological disorder which can cause flashbacks, hallucinations, and more references of events that are especially traumatic.
  • In Dead Rising 2: Off the Record, If you zoom into his face after killing him in Sandbox Mode, you can see his eyes blinking.
  • If Dwight had thrown a grenade just a moment before his defeat, it will remain on the ground as a "dud". Chuck will be able to pick up, equip, and throw it as any other grenade, but it will not detonate.
  • In the cutscene before his battle, he refers to one of his squadmates as 8-Ball, a nod to the character in the Vietnam War movie Full Metal Jacket.
  • Boykin shares several similarities to psychopaths from Dead Rising:
    • Some of his last words "I cannot believe a worthless zombie did me in" are very similar to the last quote by Jo Slade and both are directed towards the protagonist.
    • Boykin resembles Cliff Hudson from the first game in that he goes mad from war-related experiences, and is also arguably one of the most sympathetic psychopaths.

      Dead Rising 2 - Sgt. Dwight Boykin's Theme

      Sgt.Boykin's Theme: Scrape-Blue Stahli

    • He resembles Brock Mason from Dead Rising, being the leader of a military unit sent to deal with the outbreak. He also physically resembles Mason in that he is bald and his face is covered in scars. The except is Mason's job was to kill everybody, survivors included, and Boykin's job was to save the survivors, but turns on Chuck because he thought Chuck was a zombie. Dwight is still different, as he is not truly evil, but he was turned psychopathic because his squadmates were killed. 
    • He is also similar to Steven Chapman since both of them are holding hostages some of the main female characters Isabela Keyes and Rebecca Chang. Also, both hostages are unconscious before and during the fight. They also both attack the protagonist for something they're not (Steven attacks Frank because he thinks he's a vandal, Dwight attacks Chuck because he thinks Chuck is a zombie) 
  • He is also like Brandon Whittaker, as both kill themselves so they won't be zombies. 
  • He is similar to Carl Schliff, as both commit suicide by letting their explosives detonate in their hands. Also in OTR both only leave behind smoking boots. 
  • Occasionally, he will try to get ammo from one of the dead soldiers, giving time to attack him.
  • Boykin is the first psychopath to be seen crossing the line between sanity and insanity.
  • Based on the composition of his unit, and his given rank (Assuming SGT E-5), he was most likely a section leader in a Cavalry Scout Troop, designed to go in and recon/prepare an area before the main force follows. In reality, Cavalry Platoons consist of 6 HMMWVs, and have a few dismounts that do the fighting.
  • When Boykin kills himself with a grenade, it shows him removing the safety pin, but not releasing the safety lever. His grenade should not have exploded, although he may have released the lever off-screen. 
  • Boykin is involved in the Alpha vs. Omega achievement, where Denyce Calloway needs to attack and damage Dwight. This is considered to be the hardest achievement in the game by many fans as Denyce needs to be by Frank's side for three days and cannot enter the Safe House.
  • In Dead Rising 2: Off the Record, his body is blown up and all that remains are his combat boots that score Brutality when photographed.
  • Boykin's suicide is a nod to the Final Fight character, Rolento (who appears to commit suicide by grenade after being defeated by the protagonist).
  • He is one of the few sympathetic psychopaths in the Dead Rising series, as he is introduced as a well intentioned, heroic man commanding a team of equally heroic soldiers attempting to rescue every survivor in Fortune City, until he loses his mind and grip of reality of seeing his cherished soldiers be slaughtered by the Gas Zombies, and was also attempting to protect Rebecca Chang from who he thought was a zombie.
  • He may have been inspired by Henry West from the movie 28 Days Later because both men were high-ranking soldiers, both were the one of the few surviving soldiers of a zombie attack, both were highly respected by the soldiers under their command and respected the soldiers as well, held the female deuteragonist hostage and both had gone insane after the deaths of the soldiers.
  • Dwight still thinks Chuck is a zombie, despite Chuck using guns, eating food or performing acts zombies can't. But Dwight likely has had his world turned upside down, and he can probably believe these mutant zombies can defy sense, as they did overwhelm his unit.
  • Despite coming off as cocky, and a bit arrogant before he snaps, Dwight seemed to genuinely want to save survivors and even though he doesn't come to his senses; the player could feel sorry for what happened to him.
  • Strangely, despite seeing Chuck as one of the enhanced zombies, he chooses to give Rebecca Chang special treatment. While it's assumed that Dwight was able to recognise her as human before descending further into his PTSD, the more likely conclusion is that he did see Rebecca as one of the gas zombies and was actually keeping her as a live specimen for the medical team. This explains why Dwight would render her unconcious instead of escorting her to the vehicle, how he never acknowledged her as human, and it would correlate with his line about summoning an evacution team for his unit. Since these mutant zombies were introduced in the Fortune City outbreak, he may have wanted a medical team to examine these creatures so they know how to handle them better in the future.