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"If you don't listen to me...then I am going to be one angry daddy!"
—Dylan, before he fights Nick.

Dylan Fuentes is a psychopath in Dead Rising 3. He is one of seven psychopaths who embody the Seven Deadly Sins. Dylan's sin is Lust.[2]

He possesses a phallus-shaped flamethrower/snowball cannon called the Lust Cannon that is held to his groin. He is fought in the S&M dungeon [3] at the back of Annie's Old Fashioned XXX Supply during the side mission Play Time.

After defeating him, you can save two survivors, Eric Martinez and Julia Slyde.

Play Time

Main article: Play Time

Nick enters the back room of Annie's Old Fashioned XXX Supply and finds two survivors, Eric and Julia, held captive. Dylan appears and beckons Nick to perform sexual acts for his own personal pleasure. Nick repeatedly rejects them, claiming he's not in the mood, causing Dylan to become furious at Nick, telling him the door will remain locked until he obeys Dylan's orders and blasts his phallic-shaped flamethrower, the Lust Cannon, around. When Nick urges him to calm down, Dylan laughs creepily, initiating the battle.

After Dylan is defeated, he makes one more lewd sexual remark and falls onto his back as his lust cannon shoots a stream of oil up, imitating male ejaculation. He laughs, saying that Nick "gave him blue balls" before collapsing.

The Lusty achievement will unlock after he is defeated.

Battle Style

  • Dylan has a perverted personality and frequently taunts Nick by making sexual and coarse remarks towards him.
  • He has a weakness to quick and relatively strong melee weapons. He has difficulties recovering from a stunning blow, so use this to your advantage to attack and stun Dylan.
  • At close/mid-range, he will use his cannon as a flamethrower to shoot streams of fire at Nick. He will periodically switch over to the colder feature, and his Lust Cannon acts as a sort of fire extinguisher.
  • If Nick repeatedly attacks Dylan, Dylan will spin around and spew fire/ice in all directions.
  • If Nick is close enough, Dylan will kick him.
  • His grappling attack, when Nick is close enough, involves Dylan violently riding Nick.
  • At a distance, he can shoot an ice or fire projectile at Nick.
  • Throughout his fight, Dylan may also run to one of his hostages and hurt them. This serves as his weakness, as he is left vulnerable to attack.
  • Dylan may periodically demand Nick to pole dance throughout the fight. If Nick interacts with the pole and does as Dylan requests, it will slow Dylan down temporarily. He will enter a "cool down" mode where he is vulnerable to a grapple beatdown attack. He will also only use the ice based attacks for a time after this.[4]
  • Attempting to grab Dylan when he's not in cool down will result in Dylan smacking Nick with the Lust Cannon, then smacking his butt.
  • His attacks do anywhere from 25 to 50 damage per hit. [5]
  • His ice based attacks barely do any damage.
  • You can taunt him by saying "Whoa, kinky" when connected to the Kinect.


  • He is one of only 3 characters in the series who has one eye covered while the other is visible, the other characters being Kathy Peterson and Kylie Hammond.
    • Dylan is the only male and the only psychopath with one eye covered.
  • His last name means 'sources' and 'fountains' in Spanish.
  • His Lust Cannon flamethrower might be a reference to Asmodeus, the demon of lust, who has the ability to breathe fire. It's also Ironic as the punishment for lust is to be burned for all eternity,
  • Dylan is the only male psychopath who is openly bisexual.
    • This is evident by how he speaks to Nick in the cutscenes and the fact that he has a male and female hostage.
  • Dylan also appears to be sadomasochistic as he sometimes complains about Nick not hitting him hard enough during the fight but he does have his limits as he also complains about his injuries.
  • Judging by his weapon, Dylan appears to have pyrophilia. Pyrophilia is an uncommon paraphilia and is described as a sexual gratification from fire or fire-related activities.
  • In his intro cutscene and during the mission, a zombie can be seen in a cage, which may mean that Dylan is a necrophiliac as well. However, it's also possible that it was a person he captured who turned later.
  • Dylan will not allow Nick to enter the back of Annie's XXX Supply if he has a survivor with him. He will say things like how he only wants him and not his company, he doesn't do groups and asks Nick to come back by his lonesome. Therefore, Nick/Dick will have to go in alone.
    • If Nick is escorting a survivor that isn't in his "posse", they'll be allowed access anyway, as the game only considers "joined" survivors.
  • During the battle, he may mention a previous victim as he references someone by "the last one". This may mean that he had previous hostages.
  • His quote "Does baby need a hug" might have been a reference to Madworld as commentator Howard "buckshot" Holmes (who is also known as a hypersexual) says this quote while Jack is fighting an ambiguously gay cowboy named Jude The Dude.
  • Dylan may say "Your father never loved you" during the fight. This could imply that he has parental issues that he projects onto his victims by using sexual talk.
  • Executive producer Josh said in that Dylan can also be one of the darkest psychopaths as shown in the link, but it could have been a mistake, as Albert has this title and he had also mistaken gluttony for greed.
  • Dylan resembles Randall Tugman, a psychopath in Dead Rising 2, as they both have sexually themed clothing and weapons. They are also both necrophiliacs, and take hostages for sexual reasons.
    • Dylan and Randall also both kidnap hostages for sexual reasons, which is a trait also shared with Jo Slade, a psychopath in Dead Rising.
      • Of the three, Dylan is the only one to kidnap a male for sexual reasons. Granted, Randy also kidnaps his father, Emanuel Tugman, however, Randy's motives for kidnapping his father were not sexual.
  • His mask bears a notable resemblance to the one worn by Ken Kaneki from the manga and anime series Tokyo Ghoul.
  • Dylan appears to have unnaturally sharp, pointed teeth.
  • One of his quotes is "Run little mousey, here comes el gato."  El gato is Spanish for the cat, which may be a reference to the Red Dwarf character known as Cat[6] who is known for being obsessed with having sex with women.
  • In his Smartglass information page, it is stated that Dylan suffers from histrionic personality disorder. The info also states that he has had considerable life failures in most aspects of his life, causing him to feel weak and compensate by imagining sexual scenarios in which he is dominant and in control.[7]
    • The Smartglass information sheet also states that Dylan enjoys the idea that his actions are pleasurable to his "partners" indicating he isn't completely inconsiderate of other people.[7]



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