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"Damn, man. It ain't no fun if they ain't running. I mean, I mean, where's the challenge?"
—Big Earl

"Big" Earl Flaherty is a psychopath in Dead Rising 2 found in Fortune City during the unannounced mission Militia Men. He reappears in Dead Rising 2: Off the Record with the same role.

Militia Men[]

In Militia Men, Earl and his hunting pals murder an innocent man that was wandering in Fortune Park. He and his friends go on about how they believe the zombies and survivors are bound to destroy America and democracy. They are determined to cleanse America of these "traitors", one city at a time. Earl is found atop of low rooftop accessible by scaffolding near Moe's Maginations.

Battling Earl[]

  • He will use a sniper rifle if Chuck is distant and a machete if Chuck is close to him.
  • Climb to his position, attack him with a fast weapon (the Spiked Bat is a good choice) and dodge his knife attacks with jumps.
  • Hiding under him and using Power Guitar to attack him is also effective and safer since Chuck will not be in his line of fire.


  • His voice actor, Scott McNeil, also voices Antoine Thomas.
  • His last name and the sniper rifle could be a reference to the classic short story "The Sniper", written by Liam O'Flaherty.
  • His comment that non-running survivors is similar to the opinion held by Leon Bell who says that humans are worth "...double the points...cause they move around so much...."
  • In the PC game files, items.txt he is listed under militiamen3. 
  • There appears to be an odd bug/glitch when all four of the snipers spawn where one or more of them does not spawn. This is very rare, though.
  • Earl stated in the snipers's opening cutscene that he worked for Border Patrol
  • If Earl defeats you, he will continuously stab his machete through Chuck until the loading screen appears.