Earvin Gooding
Age 34
Notebook Number 112
Notebook Description Not the brightest guy but he tries. Found in the Palisades Mall.
Location Palisades Mall
Scoop(s) Hanging Around
PP 10,000 (Join)
20,000 (Escort)

Earvin Gooding is a survivor appearing in Dead Rising 2: Off the Record. He was found in Palisades Mall hanging on the fence on the second floor with another survivor Marc Cooper during an unmarked mission at 1:00 AM, Day 2.

Hanging AroundEdit

Frank must talk to both Earvin and Marc to start the mission. Frank has to provide cushioning for them to land on, so he places a giant stuffed animal under both of them to save them. Once safely on the ground, Earvin and Marc can be escorted to the Fortune City Emergency Shelter.


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