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This page will contain all easter eggs, cameos and references in Dead Rising 3.

Easter Eggs[]

  • In the crematorium, next to the coffin in the funeral chamber there is a painting of Otis.
  • In the military camp area there is a building, if you go inside there is a nod to the Battlestar Galactica remake on the loud speakers.
  • In the Sunset Hills train station if you look over the control room railing, the LOL can be seen shaped from dead bodies.



  • Nick has a spade-shaped patch on his coveralls sleeve which reads "Terror Is Reality", a reference to the game show from Dead Rising 2.
    • The same patch also says "Ijiek Racing", similar to Chuck Greene's jacket. This is a reference to the series creator, Keiji Inafune.
  • The achievement Left 100,004 Dead is a reference to Valve's game Left 4 Dead. This is a running gag found throughout the Dead Rising series. 
  • Nick can unlock the Mega Man X Outfit and Weapon which is a reference to the Mega Man X Series.
  • Dylan Fuentes's mask resemble Ken Kaneki's mask from Tokyo Ghoul.
  • In the Central City area  if the player follows the fencing to the left of the stage all the way to a set of gates they can see a green bag on the other side with a Puff Puff logo imprinted on it. This is a reference to Katey's backpack from Dead Rising 2.
  • The uppercut attack made by the Dragon Punch has Nick yell "Shoryuken" which is a move from another Capcom fighting game named Street Fighter.
  • In Chapter 0 during the mission "Get Everyone to Rhonda's Garage" you will hear a survivor say "Get your filthy hands off me you damn dirty zombie", which is a reference to the film Planet of the Apes.
  • In the shipping area, there is a body with an assault rifle for a leg, this is a reference to Planet terror.
  • In East central Sunset Hills, there is a pizza thrown on a large house with a big garage's roof. This is a reference to a scene from the television series, Breaking Bad.