Electric Axe
Electric Axe
Type Combo Weapon
Combine Battle Axe + Electronic
Location Completion of Case 2

The Electric Axe is a combo weapon in Dead Rising 4.

To create this combo weapon, combine a battle axe with an electronic item. The maniac Sadistic Claus also used to fight with one piror to the final update. Once defeated, he dropped the weapon for Frank to pick up. The blueprint for this weapon is automatically rewarded for completing Case 2 of the main story.

There is also a golden variation of this combo weapon. To make the gold axe, combine the electric axe with a gold bar. One of the in-game trials, And My Axe! requires 200 zombie kills using the Electric Axe.


  • Press 360 X button for a horizontal sweeping swing. The axe will cut enemies and electrocute them at the same time with a small electrical charge.
  • Pressing Bbutton and Ybutton will have Frank hold the Electric Axe in the air. The axe unleashes large bolts of electricity to shock all enemies that are close to Frank.



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