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Electric Crusher (Off the Record)
Dead rising 2 combo card Electric Crusher
Type Combo Weapon/Melee
How to Make Sledge Hammer + Battery
Uses 100
Strength Great
PP 250
Fits in Inventory Yes
" Channel the power of the gods to give those zombies a deadly jolt."
—Combo Card Description

The Electric Crusher is a combo weapon found in Dead Rising 2: Off the Record.

It is created by combining a sledgehammer with a battery.


  • Primary: Tap 360 X button to make Frank swing the weapon from side to side in slow, but devastating blows which can take down multiple zombies at once.
  • Heavy: Hold 360 X button to make Frank twirl the weapon above his head and then smash the battery end directly into the ground, zapping all zombies and people within range.



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