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"Powerful arcs of electricity will fry any zombie within reach."
—Combo card description

The Electric Rake is a combo weapon in Dead Rising 2, Dead Rising 2: Case Zero, and Dead Rising 2: Off the Record. It is created by combining a battery with a leaf rake.

When used against large clusters of zombies, the electricity will chain to attack more zombies nearby. The Electric Rake cannot be stored in the player's inventory.

Whenever the Electric Rake makes contact with a zombie via its thrusting attack, arcs of electricity will appear at its "head" for a brief period of time. If this part of the weapon makes contact with another zombie before the arcs disappear, regardless if the weapon is being thrust or not, electricity will arc more than normal. This can be done by turning Chuck quickly enough to hit another zombie without pressing the attack button. If done correctly between thrusts, the weapon can electrocute more zombies even if they are not in direct contact with the weapon.

The weapon still has its electrifying effect while being thrown, instantly killing any zombies that touch it during its travel time. In addition, the weapon also slides across the ground after being thrown, making it go relatively far. This makes the Electric Rake is a surprisingly effective thrown weapon.

Killing a zombie with the Electric Rake rewards the player with 400 prestige points if the player has the rake's combo card (200 prestige points without).

This combo weapon is described as:

"Imagine a rake. Now send millions of volts of electricity through it and then go and poke zombies with it."[1]

Attacks and combo card[]

Electric Rake combo card
Prestige points Main: 400 PP
Alternate: N/A
Dead rising 2 combo card Electric Rake.jpg
Main attack (press X button/Square button) Perform a thrust attack that zaps a zombie with a powerful charge of electricity. The attack can arc to other nearby zombies. Dead rising electric rake main.png
Description Powerful arcs of electricity will fry any zombie within reach.
–All prestige points listed here are halved when the weapon’s combo card is not owned and the player only has a scratch card.

Combo card location[]

  • In Dead Rising 2, the combo card for the Electric Rake is unlocked by leveling up. It is the 25th card out of 34 total cards awarded by leveling, and is generally unlocked at levels 36 or 37.
  • In Off the Record, the combo card is obtained by earning a gold medal in the Sandbox challenge Lightning Never Strikes Twice.
  • In Case Zero, a combo card for the Electric Rake does not exist; only a scratch card may be obtained by combining the required components in a maintenance room.

Weapon component locations[]

Dead Rising 2 and Case Zero general locations of weapons needed to make the Electric Rake:

Component Location Component Location
Dead rising Battery.png
 Dead Rising 2

 Case Zero

Leaf Rake
Dead rising Leaf Rake.png
 Dead Rising 2

 Case Zero



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