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The Electric Wreath is a combo weapon in Dead Rising 4.

It can be created by combining a wreath with an electronic weapon. The blueprints are at El Mode Design, inside a locker. The locker keys are found in the security room at The Virago Hotel.

The wreath shocks a zombie when placed around its neck. There are speakers wired to the wreath, attracting zombies into the area. Once the weapon's durability has ran out, it will explode before breaking. This makes it an effective weapon to not only stun zombies, but also to clear a large crowd.


  • By pressing X button, Frank will put the wreath around the head of the nearest zombie. The wreath will shock the zombie and any zombies around it before exploding.



  • The Electric Wreath behaves a lot like the Dead Rising 2 version of the Roaring Thunder. This makes for the first time in the series both versions of this combo weapon are in some way represented.
  • This weapon is actually very helpful for saving survivors, as it can easily kill a horde of zombies and the radio built into the wreath will draw more zombies in, eventually blowing up any zombies caught in the electricity without hurting the survivor or Frank.
  • If this weapon is used on anything more advanced than a standard zombie, the enemy will be stunned for a few seconds. This does deteriorate the weapon, however. The Electric Wreath will only explode if it uses up the entire durability on its sole target, so this tactic isn't advised.