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Elevator Death Match
Difficulty Star
Item Stock Battle Axe
Red 9 (9 ammo)
Enemies 10 Zombies
Location Elevator
Mission Number 1
"Frank, the elevator is packed with zombies. There's no way we can use it like this. Go clean them outta there!"

Elevator Death Match is the first mission found in Odd Jobs. Frank will have to clear a crowded elevator full of zombies. Clearing the elevator in under 10 seconds will yield the S rank.


In this mission, Frank is on an elevator, surrounded by zombies. Frank has an axe as a weapon. The first thing Frank should do is quickly look in the direction of where most of the zombies are and shake the Wii Remote for a hard swing. Most of the zombies will be killed. Quickly take out the remaining ones with Frank's Red 9. Avoid getting hit; otherwise Frank's grade will drop.

Do not use the health item either; it will automatically drop Frank's score as well. This one is not very hard, but getting the S Rank may take an extra try or two.[1]


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